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Sail Away in Different Ways – Maine Experiences!

When a state that is known for its iconic lighthouses, Acadia National Park, and cute little coastal towns, one can only run out of places to visit and admire! But just sightseeing can’t really give you a feel of the place now, would it? The small state of Maine in the north eastern corner of the USA is protected by Appalachian Mountains, hundreds of small streams and rivers, thousands of lakes and the mighty Atlantic, which makes it a playground for nature and a favorite hub for outdoorsy people.
Remember a couple of months back, when I told you about my skiing experiences in the US, I promised to be back with some more interesting activities and experiences I have had in US so far. So here I am with a list of three amazing outdoorsy ways to explore some very interesting parts of Maine.
Sail Away in Maine Style!
Before I tell you about my experience, let me give you a little background here. Schooners are wooden sailing ships with 2 to 7 towering masts, that were first built by the Dutc…

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