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A Day in Yosemite National Park

After driving through sparsely forested areas under a 40-degree sun, when you are greeted by a sun dappled forest, cool breeze, a lot of rocks and waterfalls, and some dazed deer, you know that the place is special. Some millions of years ago, ice sheets of North America created a lot of wonders with their gradual disappearance and this place was one of them. Just stare at the glacial-granite monoliths and the deep valley and you will know the might of ice that carved out Ahwahne, or as it is popularly known today Yosemite National Park.

Established in 1890 and made famous by written accounts of John Muir and Lafayette Bunnell (both played a key role in establishing the park as well), Yosemite National Park is the third oldest park of United States and probably the third most popular park too (after Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park). But what really makes Yosemite special is its array of granite monoliths, overlooking flowering meadows and Giant Sequoia groves. Also, did you …

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