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From the Ruins of - Ajanta Caves

2000 years ago, monks from all over Indian subcontinent, came together in the heart of the Deccan, in search of the eternal truth, peace and salvation, while creating around thirty caves that would immortalize them. On a rocky face of a horseshoe-bent gorge of Waaghur river, these monks managed to create a timeless masterpiece that was really just a product of their devotion and love for Buddha. From around 2nd century BCE to about 7th century AD, they chiseled and etched these caves, creating frescos and sculptures that are a testament of art and cultural flare of the bygone era. These caves are none other than the world famous, UNESCO heritage site, Ajanta Caves.
Ajanta was believed to have been lost and covered by forest growth till early 17th century, when accidentally discovered the caves during a hunting trip, when a British Officer, John Smith noticed cave 10 from the overlooking hill top. But historical records prove that Ajanta was never lost in time, just kept a secret by the…

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