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Five Dishes to Try When in The United States!

When I moved to the United States of America, I had absolutely no idea about any ‘dishes of the US’. During my first eat out with my roommates we had a conversation around how mac and cheese was so American and so were cheeseburgers, but that was it. About half a year later I was introduced to various cheesecakes for the very first time and fell in love with them but didn’t realize they were invented in the US. Sometime in the past couple of months, I saw an episode of Great British Bake Off where they gave a slight background about Baked Alaska, and I suddenly realized that too was a gift from this country! Now four years of being in the US, having traveled quite a bit here, I know of some super unique, must have dishes when in the US because well most are dishes from the US! So here it is, my list of five dishes to try when in the US with their whys and wheres!!!

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