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The Green and the See it All - A Guide to San Francisco

San Francisco, Bay Area, Silicon Valley – who doesn’t know of this world-famous metropolitan area, right? So, today I am not going to give you a typical ‘Top Things to do in San Francisco’ at least not right away. Instead, let me start with something bit more interesting.

Every year, San Francisco is home to one of the largest Saint Patrick's Day celebrations in USA. Even though San Francisco is not one of those cities that have a very high Irish population in the country, Saint Patrick’s Day parade and festival draws a huge crowd to the heart of the city! Always held on either the second or third weekend of March (this year on 16th March), this parade is a testament to the warm multicultural spirit of the city.

The Parade starts at 2nd and Market St and makes its way to the UN Plaza area with scores of ivy coloured floats, Irish Dance Troupes, School Marching Bands, lot of music bands and a lot of local policemen, firemen and politicians – all flaunting the green for the day! And …

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