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A weekend at Grand Canyon

Hello Everyone!!!

Yes, I am back and first, a very heartfelt apology to all for not being around for almost 1 year. Unfortunately, being a student again was not easy as my course progressed and last year with travelling, blogging, studying, working and job hunting, things were kind of spinning out of control and it started taking some serious toll on my health. Hence, I had to give up blogging temporarily. But I promise, I have a ton of stories and experiences for you because I never stopped exploring and now I am going to make a conscious effort to make sure you get the best of my experiences on a periodic basis.

Anyways, as of today I am starting a National Park series on my blog! I will cover some of the famous National Parks of USA, that I have visited in the two years I have been here. How about a grand start to that list now? Welcome to the majestic canyon that faced the wrath of the mighty Colorado River for almost two billion years with grace till the river calmed down and the c…

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