A life lost in the mundane bivouac of day to day tensions, jobs, competitions and duties is a life wasted. We all want to pump up our lives, fill it with crazy fun, silly happiness, carefree days; but end up saying ‘too tied up with work to think of anything else, all we can do is dream.’ But why? Someone said don’t fill your life with dreams but memories and experiences. Do we want our memories to be boring always? Lately I too have been caught up with the mundane insanity we tag as busy life these days. But being the kind of person I am, I have been using every way to break the spell and zest up my life.  Not too loud and crazy to term them, but five simple things that zest up my boring work to home-home to work life.

1.    Music – Music is everywhere all we need to do is listen. Every time I feel low, worked yp or am irritated I start radio or my playlist. If neither is available, I start singing to myself. Music not only calms me down it gives me energy to go do what I want to do and challenge the work that has been eating my patience. Simple things can give us great satisfaction and happiness and for me music is that. From Niladri Kumar’s Sitar to the piano tracks, every note of music makes me feel alive.

2.   My Nieces and small kids – Aren’t the adorable!! Kids – We always look at them and wonder, lucky them no worries of life have touched them yet. But why not become kids and let go of all your qualms at times! My nieces bring a huge smile to my face always. Their innocent talks and cheerful nature makes my day. And my neighbors’ kids – returning after a 9 hour shift and 4 hours travel and she calls out your name and starts jumping with glee, you are bound to let go of the tiredness right?

3.   Sports! – Oh I have no issues in being the zombie for a month if it is for Football. I cheer my favourite teams like crazy. Shout and dance at the sleepy midnight when my favourite team scores a goal or wins a match. And stream Tennis matches everywhere and anywhere cause Federer is worth it! Yes I am a sports fanatic and am glad I am that ways cause it makes me zesty! :P

4.   The moon, the winds and empty road! –Being the nocturnal creature that I am, it is not difficult to guess moon makes me happy. Yes it might be silly but who said silly things can’t make you happy. Just take a stroll in an empty lane, that has jasmine flowers smiling here and there, under the silver full moon and tell me you won’t be contended? Go for a long drive on a full moon night and have tea and at some dhaba at 3 o clock in the night. Sounds amazing doesn’t it? Or just sleep on the terrace, or window bay or in your lawn and stare at the moonlight sky full of stars! It is happiness at its best! Remember Zindagi Milegi Na Dubara? If you don’t believe me listen to what Katrina says to Hrittik!

5.   Rain – Be it the light drizzle or the heavy pour, rain washes away the dust of worries and rejuvenates our soul for sure. To be drenched in happiness one has to find the music in the thunders, smiles in the lightning and love in the showers. Nope I am not a romantic, yet I am not untouched by the magic of rain, the Petichor and the freshness.
Kuch Paigamon sang aata hai sawaan
Kushk aangan ko mehkata hai saawan
Gulmohar ke bag ko sajata hai saawan
Bechan mann ko behelata hai saawan!

Loud, Adventurous, Thrilling, Exciting - Zest has a different definition for all I guess, but for me it is in these things cause all they lift my mood and spirit....:)

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