Black Is Beautiful!

Black is beautiful, Black’s mysterious!

Everything in black has its own appeal. From Men in Black to Women in black, from black eyes to glossy black hair, from black sedans to the Black Pearl – Everything in black in bound to turn your attention towards it. No wonder even beauties like Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had to sport the black to draw attention to the diamonds they were flaunting. Don’t men in black suits and ties make your heart flutter? Why does Christian Bale ask for everything in black? Black is the colour of most number of cellphone in the world. Ever wondered why? Don’t most of us get attracted to shows with black or monochrome posters? Guess not because everybody loves black! Personally I love the dark and the secretive stuff and I subconsciously I relate black to it. Often I wonder how can people call black boring and mundane? Anyways thinking about Black there are five things that I would definitely want to own, five things completely in black:

1.    A black Ferrari La Ferrari – Someone said “Dream big and grand, because they don’t cost you anything. And dream only then you can think of achieving it!” Damn straight. So now I dream of Ferrari ki Sawari and in style in black.

2.   Wardrobe in Black – Now if I do drive a black Ferrari, my wardrobe has to be a fit for the classy wheels. Oh! How would I love a section of my wardrobe with sharp and awesome black gowns and dresses! Every time I used to watch Rendezvous with Simi Garewal I thought she had defined her style in white, I would do that too just with Black though.

3.   All Black Shoe line - Perfect Wardrobe requires the perfect matched shoes too and no exaggeration here but even now I wear shoes and sandals only in black. So I would want a whole range of shoes, heels and wedges that are black, glossy or matt but black means beautiful!

4.   Black iPhone 5S – Do I need to tell you why iPhone 5S? The camera the LED screen, the music quality, all I really want to ask does it come in black? Oh Yes It Does and I totally need it. Ever since I clicked some pics with my sister in law’s iPhone 5S all I have wanted is one of this bitten apples in my hands!

5.   Arkham Knight – What a girl can’t be a DC comics fan? I am a big time X-MEN and Batman Fanatic but no matter how much I would love to have a secret Bat cave of mine and a bat mobile I would ask only for what I can get – An Arkham Batman miniature figure.

Not being too greedy now am I? Black is also synonymous to classy so my desire list had to match it! If you had to choose five things in black for yourself what would it be?
I would let Christian Bale and Morgan Freeman help you decide if you are confused!

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  1. black dress... black heels... what else I need :D
    loved your love for black


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