Temple Run Overdose

Have you played Temple Run? Have you ever imagined yourself in place of that man in temple run? If you haven’t here is my tale of terror but with a twist :P Temple Run at Angkor Wat!
On the lazy dawn of July 28th, when my eyes just refused to open, when I slept like a baby in my blanket, and the rain poured with a sweet melody against my window pane, my phone buzzed and decided the fate of my coming week. I picked my phone and stared at the bright screen with my still sleepy eyes but woke up with a jolt after reading the message there. “Open your door and let the game begin!” was the message flashing on my screen. I opened my door to find an old scroll with a rather strange message in it.

I knew the answer instantly – Angkor Wat. But what did the scroll have to do with me. About an hour later I got another message “Come to the ruins or your friend will vanish in the fabled jungles with no trace”. But which friend? And why Cambodia! I still did not believe the message. After another hour I got a new multimedia message with a picture of my friend Fatima and I figured out the whole thing!
I am Archaeo – Detective Vaisakhi Mishra and Fatima is my partner in crime. We had recently been on an adventure spree, which was more like working endlessly and last month had caught a gang of thieves trying to steal an old manuscript from Peru’s National Museum. Fatima had then left for Cambodia in search of a new mission, but had been out of contact since 2 days now. Somehow all this was related, I was sure of that. With no delay I started planning for my trip to Cambodia. But wait! Got yet another message – “48 hours, that is all you have.” I panicked and was lost completely! Didn’t know what to do where to search, how to reach Cambodia and go to Angkor and how to get by partner back! That is when my Mom pitched in with her new world wide web discovery – Skyscanner.co.in! Yes detectives need their super awesome Moms during crisis!
Skyscanner – What a savior! Not only did it give me flight information and book tickets for me in no time, it also helped me find a car for rent and a good affordable hotel for a week. Detectives don’t earn much, but luckily Skyscanner got it all for me and my Mom within a lakh. Didn’t know how much time it would take me to find Fati but had to believe my guts right? So 1 week it was.

Skyscanner Help : 

As soon as I reached Siem Reap, Cambodia I had my taxi waiting for me, but not without a dark surprise! How I had obsessed over this ancient province! Not even in my wildest dreams had I imagined my first trip to Cambodia would be like this! Anyways the Taxi Driver gave me another note!  -

It had my heart beating fast. Anyone standing next to me could have heard it and my Mom did. I was in no shape of talking to anyone, so my mom did all the talking and we finally reached the hotel. Freshened up and left for Angkor right away. Before we reached our destination I got another message – “Welcome to the dark realms of Angkor and let go of all your fears, for in darkness you will find solace, in ruins you will find friends!” Yes I too was puzzled with this message! But not for long. As soon as I reached the Angkor Archaeological Park Entrance I got the biggest shock of the year! Amrit and Fatima were standing there, all in smiles!!! And my face – I would have cried cause of anger, I swear! And to add to my misery my mom started laughing too! Apparently it was their plan to draw me out of my work den and finally enjoy my work in real sense. They knew how much I wanted to visit Angkor and so on the eve of friendship day they decided to give me this weird gift! Huh friends I tell you :/
Anyways post that day, I had the time of my life in Cambodia – Dreams met reality, Obsession satiated! What more would you need! But wondering how I managed to plan out my rest of the week that I had kept for finding my not so kidnapped friend? Skyscanner again! (No brownie points for guessing this :P) 

Since I had spent just 80 thousand of my budget in travelling for this epic fail quest of mine I decided to use the rest to explore the following places. Taxi in 20k thanks to Skyscanner again :D Post cards from each site for you guys :D

Oh, did I mention food! Cambodia gives you a taste of spices very close to our Indian cuisine. So people who are scared of traveling cause of food issues, do not worry Cambodia knows how to treat its guests!

It is said unplanned and sudden trips are the best. Not that the start of this trip was anywhere close to "best" but yes the trip in it self was a memorable one. And thanks to the new travel wizard in town - Skyscanner end minute planning didn't spoil much,

P.S. - This post is a part of Skyscanner travel wizard activity at BlogAdda.com in collaboration with Skyscanner India


  1. Such a creative take! I am sure you are going to score well in this contest. All the best! :)

  2. Temple Run & then literally in a Temple in Cambodia!
    What Fun :)
    Well-expressed & presented! Cambodia is on my travel-list too!
    Best wishes :)

    1. Thankyou so much...Cambodia is the 3rd place in my top places to visit after Ladakh and Newzealand :D and temple ruins..being from the temple city of India myself, how could that not interest me! :D

  3. V well written. Congrats for the big win..

  4. Nicely done... creative take on the skyscanning topic.. Congrts for the win.

  5. Brilliant writing,
    My suggestion- make a short movie out of this,
    And congrats for the win :)


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