#BoltDrive to Lonavala

One early morning, sunny day, crazy fun long drive, scrumptious lunch, and a hell of a ride – that was my last Sunday, thanks to Blogadda and Tata Bolt. Blogadda and BoltDrives decided to take a huge group of bloggers on a long drive from Bandra Kurla Complex to Lonavala and back and that is how I got my chance to drive a car in city for the first time ever! But before all that, this is how it went…

We started off early with a lovely breakfast and interaction session at Otto Infinito BKC. With just a prep talk about our rides of the day(which really increased our excitement) we left for Lonavala by 10:00 AM. Yes you read it right it was rides and not Ride! We got to drive the Bolt Revotron (powered by revotron petrol engine) and the Bolt diesel (powered by diesel quadrajet engine) both on the same day, the first one being Revotron. 8 cars, 3 bloggers per car and voila the Red Brigade was ready. The Tata Bolt Team asked us to personally try the brand new cars. Being a recently licensed driver you can imagine the amount of apprehensions I had for driving it in a hustling bustling corporate hub of the city but for once temptation triumphed fear and guess it paid off very well. Tata Bolt’s powerful engine, smooth turn assists, different modes of driving, easy gear changes and power steering made my mini ride from Otto Infinito to MMRDA grounds a super successful ride.

After driving through a suspension test we also realized how shock resistant Bolt is. From there we moved towards Lonavala, finally YAY! After crossing BKC we were asked to change the mode of the car which had been running on eco mode until then. With the change of eco to sports mode I handed over the car to our Driver for the day and decided to slouch in the comfortable back seat with my other blogger friends – Oindrilla and Raj. And just then – Captain Bolt decides to join us! Captain bolt was our constant assistant, host and guide throughout the journey. We didn’t even realize we had a go pro fixed in our car and were being filmed all this while. Captain Bolt helped us explore the other aspects of the car like the voice commands. Yes Bolt has a specially tailored voice command infotainment system by Harman Kardon which was the most fun part for us. From changing temperature to songs and FM and from receiving calls to asking for directional assistance all have simple commands that we kept using endlessly. And given that the system recognizes 9 Indian accents including Punjabi, we hardly went wrong.

Open western express highway, brightly lit tunnels, Ghat roads, bougainvillea boulevards and a super fast car and in no time we had reached Lonavala. We had an amazing lunch Dhaba and Bar at Triose Lonavala and also got interviewed about our experience till that point. After spending a couple of hours there we made a move towards Tiger point in our next ride! Yes now it was time for the diesel engine to roar and all the difference that I could notice in the two cars was the hum. Diesel engine had a faint constant hum while driving while revotron was super silent and impressive. 

Tiger point being one of the most scenic points of Lonavala did not disappoint us even on an extremely hot sunny day and atleast I had a gala time taking selfies and enjoying nature. But only after I entered the car again did I realize how hot it was outside. Lucky for us, Bolt’s Cooling system has to be the fastest I have experienced in cars till date, and so we were saved from the heat.

The trip came to a wrap with cold coffee and brownies and some selfie luck prizes and CCD and we reached back home safely in the evening. But for the first time the dose of luxury tasted better than the flavor of the rustic sleepy mountain town. #BoltDrives to Lonavala was indeed a fun trip!

A sunday well spent at #BoltDrives with BOLT from TATA Motors in association with BlogAdda and Tata Motors

Just a glimpse of our ride! :D


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