Missing (Part 21)

This is the twenty-first part of the short story that I am writing in collaboration with nine other bloggers on Blogadda. Our team is 'Tete-a-ten'. Read the previous parts here: onetwothreefourfivesixseveneightnine,teneleventwelvethirteenfourteenfifteen sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen and twenty.

Cloud Nine Hospital

Dr. Sneha Phadnis walked into the hospital with an air of nervous anticipation. She stared at the chaotic reception with a blank gaze and stood in the busy hallway, lost and unsure. Tara’s words were still ringing in her ears, one name in particular – Dr. Aryan Ahuja. She finally pulled herself together, headed towards the reception desk and asked to see Dr. Aryan Ahuja. The receptionist told her that Dr. Aryan was out, but she could schedule an appointment with him for the next day.
Next Day! Another day…
Sneha’s eagerness got the better of her and made her lose her usual cool demeanor. She snapped at the receptionist saying, “Madam, please this is urgent. I need to see him immediately. Please give me his number or else...!”
Everything around the reception desk halted within seconds. The receptionist was alarmed by the comportment of this woman, desperate to see Dr. Aryan. Suddenly she was reminded of the woman who had called her and beleaguered her for Dr. Aryan’s number earlier in the day.
Mentally making a note and self-confirming her guess about Sneha, she wondered how to send Sneha away. ‘She looks decent,’ she thought, ‘but definitely mentally unstable.’ Thinking quickly, she politely asked Sneha to be seated, and that she would do her best to help her. She watched as Sneha frowned and made her way to one of the empty couches in the waiting area. She noticed Sneha was totally lost in her thoughts and took the opportunity to inform Aryan about the situation at the hospital. She then quickly dialed Aryan’s cell phone number.
“Doctor, that girl who called earlier is here!” Veda blurted out with urgency. “She seems desperate to meet you. By the looks of it, she might be mentally unstable. What should I do?”

 “The girl who called?”, Aryan thought for a moment and looked at Jennifer. Stunned he stood there with the gust of realization but thinking about it again, he calmly replied. “Why, she is with me right now! Don’t over-react Veda, this one must be a worried parent. Just schedule an appointment for tomorrow, and I will see her then.”

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