Hair Scare Dare

Straight Hair, Curly Hair, Wavy Hair, Premed Hair, Crazy 70’s hair…no matter what kind of hair a girl has, it is her most prized possession and every girl loves to flaunt her hair. It is said even changing your hair style a bit changes your whole look. Messy hair makes you look shabby and sleepy, the champu look is obvious no no for everyone and long hair is just the perfect companion to anywhere and everywhere. But only a girl knows how much trouble maintaining it can be. Unmanageable hair is the worst fear of every girl, but after pimples I guess…:P Anyways, we love papering our hair more than anything else. Constant oiling, proper shampoo, conditioner, serums, 100 strokes of combs, tying dupattas like a bandit to protect it there is just no end to it. But imagine if you are constantly travelling, or are at some windy sea shore; you are a party animal or a travel blogger how would you save your hair?

Being a travel freak I was always troubled with this thought. Imagine all the pictures of your travel show you in an avatar of some school girl with plaits or with a not so cool bun. You forget to smile suddenly when a gust of wind blows your unruly hair to make them crow’s nest and all that you can think of is “Oh Damn!” Every now and then your ever tired hands getting tangled in your dry, dying, knotted hair. *Shudders* I had this paranoia for a very long time. It ruined so many of my vacations. And that is when I knew I had to recharge my hair to let my mind breathe while travelling. I wouldn't have been surprised if I woke up in the middle of the night and screaming “I NEED A RECHARGE” replacing the power statement of He-man.

Recharging your hair is like setting your hair fears aside and enjoying life to the fullest. Travels and exploring new places can’t happen if you constantly keep thinking about dust, wind water and pollution ruining your hair. Travel and trek freaks need to have the Bedhadak ever ready attitude and for that renouncing Hair Issues is one of the most important steps. That doesn’t mean you let go of the pampering. We would not want to be like Anupam Kher sir now, would we? Pamper your hair all you want, but do the right kind of pampering. The right kind of pampering will recharge your hair and thus recharging your life.

The go for it attitude would only be possible if the shackles of bad hair days are broken forever. I have tried it and so the tried and tested solution to a happy go lucky life, Recharge your hair! All you have to do is shampoo at least twice a week (If you have long hair otherwise alternate days). Oil your hair at least two hours before you wash them, overnight is best but two hours work fine too. Conditioner is a must; it helps retain the moisture of your hair. And use some hair serum on “just wet almost dry hair”. Tie up your hair when you sleep, it prevents spilt ends and rest of the day - enjoy the way you want! Sounds simple right!!! :D
This has not only made my travels tension free, but made me more confident and less fidgety. I can roll on any plan or busy schedule without worrying about knotted hair at night. This also has reduced hair fall, so I don’t cry over a bunch of prized long lusty black hair I lost. I confidently let down my hair at work or sport a high pony tailed corporate look anytime I want. And party freely without nightmares of jumbled mazes of hair keeping me up all night.

The only hairdo you sport all the time with uncharged hair - The old school braided look!

Recharge your hair, recharge your ways
For enjoying life every bit, every day
Let free and loose that unruly mane
That has promised not to get tangled ever again
Be it desert or a dreamy beach date
Never will your hair scare your dear soul mate
For life it breathes all charged up for the game
Of spoil me if you can; now I dare!

Post My Recharge your hair Recharge your life mantra

Berok Betok, Bedhak Madmast 
Na shaam Na subah
Bas rah Mein ek Rahi ki tarah
Ab Dil mera hua hai Manchala!

 P.S. This post has been written for Recharge you hair Recharge your life contest by Indibloggers and Sunsilk.
Photo courtesy - Google and personal album..:)


  1. Brilliant post. Luckily, we guys hardly have bad hair days :P All the best Vaisakhi :)

  2. Love the pictures and your post! That little poem is so cute. All the best for the contest dear!


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