10 Tips to Safety

Newspaper Headlines
  • A certain girl raped
  • A certain girl molested
  • Some guy killed for trying to help his friend
  • Another guy beaten to death after being attacked by some thieves

And well the list never ends.

It is not weird to be scared of the world when you see things and read reports of these nasty incidents every other day. But to stop living your life normally due to all this, it that justified? It scares me too. It took me a really long time to finally use a cab to come home after work when I had to stay back late and miss my regular company bus on more than one occasion. Remember the case of the female photographer case in Peddar Road some days back. I had to go to that very area the next day evening, and spent the whole day thinking of whether I should go or not. And after I decided to continue the way I had scheduled my next day my nightmare was convincing my parents. Next day my phone kept ringing every half an hour with my mother’s worried voice on the other side waiting for my reply “I am Fine.”
But why let these monsters ruin your daily life and scare you to this extend. We can still enjoy our normalcy with just a few convenient modifications and regular practices. I have brainstormed on the ten best ways to stay out of unwanted trouble and teach these creeps some lesson if they ever decide to try their tricks with your.
  1. Pepper Pots ops I mean Pepper sprays – Make them your best friend. The are harmless and definitely trustworthy. And if you decide you are just not the pepper person your deo can be your trusted companion too. Practice not leaving your place without them and get a apt size to fit in your pockets and after that well keep humming the song “Count on me” by Bruno Mars and enjoy your day.
  2. And have you met smart surakhsha? It is an android app that allows you to list five trusted people and the police on speed message and can track your whereabouts with a single touch. Basically at a single touch will send an SMS to the pre-listed 5 people and the police simultaneously. Also if you are in a situation where you are able to give details of the would-be offender, you can record info like model of the car or clothes he is wearing, in your SMS. The only requirement - keep your GPRS on and here the app can be mightier than anything else!
  3. Now tips for when you are travelling alone in a cab or rickshaw. Call or message any of your friends the number of the vehicle and keep chatting with your friend till you reach your destination. This way your friend knows you are safe and the drivers would never get an opportunity to do anything wrong, as they will easily be caught. Don’t worry about your bill because life is more important than money. And with the drivers Never Be Friendly.
  4. From money I remembered. NEVER count your money in public or keep all your money in one place! Counting money gives thieves a chance to mark you as their prey and keeping all the money in one place means if you are ever a victim in a theft you will not have any backup. But do carry enough money all the time cause money comes handy all the time. Same goes for your credit and debit card.
  5. While visiting a place for the first time never make it evident. Try to mingle in the crowd and make if seen that you know every nook and corner of the place even if you don’t. Google maps and Nokia maps can come in handy in these situations or call up a friend who has knowledge about the surroundings.
  6. Attend some basic self defense classes. Being trained in karate gives me a great deal of confidence while in a crowd and I am sure it helps all. Everyone should know how to protect themselves right?
  7. Wear shoes and flats as much as you can, that will help you escape your attacker quickly. Just run and find a safe place asap! Well if you are wearing heels no need to panic. Just remove them the first chance you get and run. If the attacker catches up with you, you know exactly where the heels can cause a lot of damage *Wicked you now! :D*
  8. Keep 100 1090 and your parents numbers on speed dial running or not, in danger or not this will always be of help! Just be sure to carry your cell phone always with you pocket or hands but avoid keeping it in your purse.
  9. God forbid if you are attacked and cannot find a way out of the situation act confident and make up story about some sexually transmitted disease you have. Don’t be ashamed cause that will buy you time and also think of the disgusting psycho trying his luck on you, the disease sound gentle doesn’t it. And report the incident to police as soon as you can.
  10. And all the people in general, never let anything suspicious to you go unreported. Your word might save many lives in the future. That doesn’t mean just report everyone and anyone. But if you witness anything wrong do not turn your backs be a coward and walk away. Instead take a stand and help and report.

Hope these tips turn out to be helpful to all.

Safe is what lets us be normal.

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  1. Interesting. The 9th one is hilarious but can sure work wonders.

    My tips are at http://geetasfile.blogspot.in/2013/10/smart-suraksha-tips.html

    1. haha ya it is hilarious but i got this idea from the movie jane tu ya jane na which i was actually watching while writing the post...:)...will surely visit your blog...and thanx for visiting mine..:)

  2. Pepper spray can be very efficient tool for the self defense. We hear so many news these days, it is advisable to use the safety tips given in this article to protect yourself from the punks out there. It is not only for women but for men as well.

    Arnold Brame


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