The All New Asus Zenfone 2

Mobile world is the fastest world these days – and here I wasn’t talking just about the speed of our message deliveries or the magic of 3G – Mobile world is a fast fleeting world of changes. One year back it was all about iPhone 5/5s and Nexus 5, some months back the world changed its focus to iPhone 6 and Nexus 6. While Samsung and Motorola have been constant players in the market with their new products hitting the markets quarterly, in recent years it has been facing tough competition from companies like Karbonn, Micromax, HTC, Xiaomi and Asus. But one thing that has been growing along with the competition is the price range of products. Along with the companies even we, the consumers, got into a race of being more tech savvy with acquiring new products as and when they hit the market. Unfortunately, people have now realized this race was spun out of control and for many of the general tech savvy squad this race is pretty much lost due to budget constraint.
Wondering why I am rambling about all this on a boring Wednesday morning? Suddenly I seem to have tripped on a card that would help us poor souls with budget issues come back to being tech savvy the way we like without burning a hole in our pockets. I am sure all of you would agree Asus has been the major new player in the market with its amazing Zenfone series. Well guess what, AsusZenfone 2 is all set to hit the market!!! I wouldn’t dive a lot into specifications here but what I do want to point out is why you should consider buying this phone asap.

1.    Speed – The phone is fast, like really fast in functionality. Given the fact that it has 4GB RAM with Intel Atom Processor, you should not even ask why and how. I could give details of its functioning in flops and maps but keeping this post not very techy, I am going to refrain from that.
2.   Memory and More- I own a Nexus 5 and the biggest issue I had with it was memory. These days when data flow and exchange happens at such an crazy rate no matter how much memory is provided internally, the memory does get exhausted at a point and you have to resort to deleting stuff you don’t want to. But worry not, Asus Zenfone 2 not only has 2-4 GB LPDDR3 internal memory it supports external memory upto 64 GB. And plus you get your SIM memory for numbers. Did I mention it is dual SIM? You get my point now don’t you?

3.   Camera – Been a regular visitor of my blog, then you know how much I love photography. I love clicking and I love travelling so you can imagine the pain of carrying a heavy SLR wherever I go. I always wanted a phone with an amazing camera. Till date I kept thinking iPhone has the best camera with the sharpest sensors available but damn too expensive for me so it was always SLR. Fortunately ASUS Zenfone 2 has PizelMaster Camera that not only clicks brilliant shots in light, it is the best mobile camera for low light shots. And if you are a selfie person this phone is a total win win for you as it has a 5MP front camera with a 13MP rear camera.

4.   Zen Motion - ASUS Zenfone 2 has something called as the Zen Motion that lets you access different phone functions based on various touch gestures. It is a smart time saving functionality that Asus has incorporated in this piece and this surely feeds my techy brain!

5.   Price – Like I mentioned before, this is a trendy tech device you can keep in your pockets without the fear of it drilling holes in your pockets. Even now if you compare functionalities and market rates, Asus phones are placed at considerable lower rates as compared to their competitors and Zenfone 2 is going to be no exception.

So basically there is a new beast in town to catch your eyes this May. With its sleek design it might be hotter than the summer too but in a good way. So keep your eyes open and techy souls awake, you never know this might be the phone you have been waiting for! :D And you people who have already decided to buy it - THIS is where you will get it.


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