Dear Diary Fascination

There was a time when every 1st January began with “Dear Diary” for me. I would religiously write for a week or two and then my best friend – Procrastination would start keeping me busy with elusive stuff and I would sleep with just the thought, “Dear dairy I will fill you in about both the days tomorrow.” The two days would then grow in to 2 weeks and slowly My Diary would make friends with dust and the dark drawer where I would have kept it the last time. Then there would be some random days in the year where I would have this crazy urge to whisper it all to the silent listener hiding in some forgotten corner of my room, but the minute I would open the dusty jacket journal the number of empty pages and date tags would ignite a guilt in me that would stop me from writing even a word. And again the next 1st Jan would see me in company with a new Diary soon to meet the same fate. This used to be the chronicles of My Dear Diary and Me until I started blogging.
When I started blogging I used to pen down all my thoughts and Poems in a diary – luckily with no dates this time; and later filter out what I wanted on my blog and post specific stuff only. But then life caught up, the diary got over and I started writing anything, anywhere and posting it. This practice came with a stark issue – I started losing my work, my written thoughts. Irritated I stopped writing on paper all together. But I am a person who still picks up pencils and scribbles her heart away anywhere; who loves drawing random silly doodles in the margins of her books; whose last page is a shayari or poet’s corner and I miss writing, or atleast missed it till 3 weeks back.

The Matrikas Journals

Matrikas is now the reason I have started filling pages with pencil again! 3 weeks back a friend of mine showed me a diary she had got from Matrikas and my instant reaction was – I want this! Now I have four of their products and these journals and diaries have made me realized how much I missed writing diaries. For me diaries are not a day to day lifestyle recorder or an emotional ranting tool. For me they are places where I can write anything I want anytime – Dates don’t really matter, and Matrikas' Antique Classic Journal is the very old typical journal with no dates! *My Thing*

Don’t we all have the habit of reading “Thought of the Day”, imagine a journal that not only has the aura of positivity in its look but every page is etched with a thought of a great personality. The Personality Journals of Matrikas is this very kind of a journal, which with thoughts, lets you maintain a schedule, memo and acts and the perfect planner cum journal. And yes the size of the journal is such that it can fit in any random bag. So “Scribble your heart away” whenever you want.

Want to make office work or school work fun? The Matrikas Cube Works hand Book is the perfect tool for you. And did I mention doodles??? Yes, the appearance of the book itself makes you go OMG! When I showed this hand book to a friend of mine he actually had asked me how was I going to review the journal and we came up with version of “Ishq wala love” which was way more logical than the actual song.
Soft wala page
Smooth wala feel
Writing wala skill
Doodle wala book
Awesome wala look
And a lot more lines…

Point - good products lead to creativity, no typical review are needed. After all, a lot of times products speak for themselves or force you to speak for them.

Now coming to – The 5 Subject Notebook. Remember, when in college how you ended up writing every subject notes in one book that would have a triangle page in the center but still by the end of the year you used to be clueless of what was written where. Well I definitely was that kind of a student and every subject book of mine would end up being a rough book by the end of the year cause I was too lazy to carry books according to lectures or check book sections. Well fear not Matrikas 5 subject book is the solution to lazy bones like me. It is a diary, small in size but effective section wise. And cause I love sketching, the blank pages in every section would me my sketch base :D

First Page of my 5 Subject Notebook

In the end guys if you do miss your handwriting, the feel of the books in your hand, the whiff of fresh book (The crazy me spent atleast a couple of minutes sniffing the print smell in case of each journal) and if your fingers are itching to hold a pencil or pen and scribble away to glory – Get A Journal now! And if you want the journal to be of Matrikas you can get it on Flipkart and Snapdeal. You can also view the entire collection on their website or follow them on facebook for regular updates. 


  1. wow, looks very nice. Will definitely look it up. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. I always wanted to write diaries during childhood but did not want to be read and also wanted that someone should read but never say it to me. Now keyboard excites me. I am finding blogs better way to pour the heart out. Blog or diaries keep writing. I am blog-rolling you, hope you don't mind. Happy diwali. :)


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