Friday, May 3, 2013

Chotu Me...

@Jal Mandir, Pawapuri, Bihar {1994, clicked by my father}
(I clicked the photo of the non digital photo with my digi-cam )

As kids, holidays and new places always excited us and in my case the excitement was first felt when I was 3 years old (hence not sure about the school part) and my parents and I went to my cousin’s place in Barauni, Bihar.

Bihar - proud of its heritage, has a rich historical background. Obviously back then I had no clue of any of this but my Mom - M.A. in history, spared no minute before telling me stories of places we saw. Maybe that trip made me love historical places.

The day we went to Pawapuri was one of the best days of my visit. I still remember early in the day we went to Shanti Stupa in Rajgir on a rope way *single seat, super scary*. To distract me mom told me that it was a time travelling aeroplane that would help me meet Buddha and Mahavir Jain that day.*silly but I loved the thought*. We met Buddha on our way up and Mom said Mahavir Jain was waiting for me down in a white bungalow near a pond of sea green water full of fish. When we reached the Jal Mahal of Pawapuri I could see silver, golden and red fishes down on the two sides of the bridge even from the height and imagined princess Ariel was a disciple of Mahavir Jain. I still haven’t forgotten that sight and tell Maa one day I will go back there and click the photos of every fish you didn’t get a photo of that day. Hence this photo is the most prized photo of “chotu me”. Plus I am very sure my brother asked me to bend in the photo because I was taller than him!!! Anyhow that’s when my ‘photolove’ began – at the age of 3.

@Rajgir, Bihar {1994}
(just adding this photo for the story purpose, its not for the competition)

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