An Evening in Fort Lauderdale

Hello Florida!
With the party spirit of Miami and the stretch that can give Palm Beach a run for its money, Fort Lauderdale flaunts an amazing view of the Atlantic in a much stylish way!

I ventured for the touristy Fort Lauderdale Beach!
About three weeks back, I had a taste of the sunny south of the USA and Fort Lauderdale beach was my hangout point of choice. Having traveled to offbeat corners for the first half of summer, I was ready for some party vibes, and Fort Lauderdale seemed like the perfect start point. And guess what, even this Party Crazy South Florida beach was ready to surprise me pleasantly.

The green and the blue, mini version - Parkland, Florida
My ride from Parkland to Fort Lauderdale reminded me of how harsh the tropical sun could be. But at the same time the roads surrounded by palm trees and numerous ponds not only calmed me but also got me all excited about getting to the Beach.

This is why I chose Fort Lauderdale Beach!
I had the choice of heading over to Deerfield Beach - quieter and cleaner sea-front of the city, supposedly similar to Venice beach of Los Angeles, or to Fort Lauderdale Beach – which was a pilgrimage of College Kids for spring breaks, back in the days. I had had a glimpse of Fort Lauderdale Beach and the close-by area from my flight the previous day and hence I just had to choose it over Deerfield.

The first sight
With the city canals dotted with white boats and yachts, my drive to the beach told me why Fort Lauderdale is called the Venice of America. An old-fashioned town did appear but you could see it being engulfed by a modern, ostentatious shopping gala. As I approached the beach and hunted for a parking spot, high risers overshadowed what was left the quaint shopping district and the beautiful old restaurants of Las Olas Boulevard and Sunrise Boulevard and there it was – the beautiful stretch of blue that we know as Atlantic Ocean!

Just enjoy the sunny evening...
The white sand ran for miles and everywhere I could see people, lot of people. It surely was a crowded beach but for a reason! The waters were sun kissed and shimmery blue, music and the crack of waves drowned the cacophony of vehicles and people around. And my excitement of touching nine states in the US and Atlantic Ocean made me forget all about my fears of the tropical sun.

I had heard a lot about South Florida beaches being hubs for young binge drinking crowd, but Fort Lauderdale Beach is a calmer version of its famous sister beaches. I spend hours looking at kids frolicking in the water on that hot summer day, sandcastles being made all around, some people (including me) busy in capturing every moment possible with a camera and most just languidly waiting for the sun to set.

The colours of  Atlantic!!!
I don’t even remember when I stopped clicking pictures and just soaked in the moment. My trance was broken by some teenagers (I guessed) who seemed to be replaying some 80’s spring scene in front of me. I headed back, all ready to leave, but not without having dinner in one of the shacks right on the promenade.

Burrito, loud music in sync with the constant cracking of waves, a chilled glass of twisted pink lemonade, and a beautiful mangata seen from the dim-lit, palm fringed promenade. It finally seemed like Florida done right! (Or at least Fort Lauderdale.)

Dim Lit, Palm Fringed Promenade
Best Time to Visit:
Fort Lauderdale can be visited at any time of the year with 95% surety that your visit won’t be ruined by rainfall. However, given it is in Florida, it is best to avoid the place during the tropical storm season (August-October)

Where to Stay:
Fort Lauderdale Beach, being a chic South Florida hub, has plenty of reasonable stay options around the beach itself. Though I stayed with my cousin in Parkland, my cousin suggested Westin (Luxury) and The Aqua (budget) for a good comfortable stay near the beach.

Where to Eat:
The Drunken Tacos and H2O Cafe for outdoor dine and drink experience and Casablanca for the old and the new experience.

What else to do, other than the Beach:
I just did the beach because I literally had one day in Fort Lauderdale. But if you are there for a longer period, head over to Deerfield and Hollywood Beach, explore the history of the place and shop your heart’s fill in Las Olas Boulevard, Take a water Taxi ride in the canals of the city and explore Everglades!
That is it for now!


  1. Wow, such a breadth taking view specially of the Atlantic colors! It looks so pretty during the day, I wonder,what this scene will look like at night. :)

  2. Wow such a beautiful pictures thanks for this beautiful and lovely pics

  3. I love the cover picture, Vaisakhi. 'Burrito, loud music in sync with the constant cracking of waves', what better way to sum up your trip with a signature beach destination feel. When I read fort in the title, I thought you visited some fort.🙈

  4. I've been to Florida, but not Fort Lauderdale. Was it affected by the recent hurricanes? I love your photos, they're so dreamy and makes me want to be on that beach!

  5. Fort Lauderdale is so beautiful and I hope that it can recover soon, since it was hit pretty hard by the hurricanes. Your pictures are impressive! Did you take a helicopter ride to get those awesome aerial shots? Love them!

  6. Combination of blue and green in nature is my weakness. Fort Lauderdale is so beautiful with a nice fusion of modern architecture and nature. It is truly Venice of America. Lovely sights of white yachts with blue waters of Atlantic with palms all around.

  7. After reading your post, I do agree with what you think...Fort Lauderdale certainly is Florida done right! When did you go? The weather seems perfect from your pictures.

  8. Wow, I only heard about Fort Lauderdale but after seeing this post i can see it's an absolute gem. i love the pics, looks like a great summer getaway.

  9. It looks perfectly relaxing, and what a lovely way to spend an evening- on the beach in a tent and splashing about! I hope this beach still looks like same after Hurricane Irma. The weather usually looks perfect, I would love to bring my family here.

  10. What a lovely place. At times, I love beaches more than the mountains. Burritos and lemonade by the sea side sound like my kind of thing. I didn’t know South of USA has so much to offer. Florida sure is on my mind now.

  11. When I was in college, Fort Lauderdale was known for only one thing: spring break. Thus, I'm glad to hear it's cleaned up its act at least somewhat. This is a timely, or untimely, post, with the latest hurricane to hit Florida. Paradise is fragile.

  12. We are already awestruck with that first picture of Fort Lauderdale with that long stretch of beach. We are yet to visit the US and Florida is definitely on the list and now Fort Lauderdale. Beaches have always been a favorite place to sit back and relax and we can spend hours doing nothing but soaking up the aura. you seemed to have found a perfect abode of nature amidst those skyscrapers.

  13. If that's the view you get from the Fort Lauderdale, then climbing it is a definite must! Its just breathtaking!
    Indeed look at the colors of the sea. So beautiful!!!
    Btw, hope you're ok after the hurricane!

  14. It is a lovely place and for me a day would be surely less here. I am myself a beach lover. Your all pictures are great but the colours of Atlantic Ocean picture goes to my favorite list.

  15. Awesome stuff. It looks like I've got to make getting to Florida a big priority now based on these pictures. I haven't been since I was a kid, but I'd certainly like to go back!

  16. That is an especially good written article. i will be able to take care to marker it and come back to find out further of your helpful data. many thanks for the post. i will be able to actually come back.

  17. Wow! I want to visit Miami after reading this!


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