Saturday, March 11, 2017

Women Travel Bloggers who have NOT Quit Their Jobs to Travel

Women, Empowerment, girl-power, feminism were some of the few words that were trending on social medial channels recently. Reason -  International Women’s Day! 
I wanted to add my two cents on women empowerment in a way that literally wows me. So here it is!

How many times have we heard of people who quit their job to be a “full-time travel blogger”. That takes courage and hats off to those amazing souls! But think about people who love their job but love travelling and sharing their travel stories at the same time!  How many times we have heard of successful ‘travel-bloggers’ who have some other full-time job? And then think about such women in India (think family). I hadn’t of many to be frank. But since I have been trying to achieve that for the last 3 years now I thought of making this Women’s Day about women who not only get work-life balance in some sense but also achieve work-life-travel balance!
Though my hunt for this list started almost a month back, I only found three dare devils who dared to pursue their dreams and passion, and have achieved success in every domain to some extent. Initially I thought of scarping this whole post but then I felt, maybe this might turn out to be that little ray of hope that some people might need to not give up on some dream they have! So, I asked these people what inspired them to do both and how they managed it all and here is what they had to say…

1.   Raksha Prasad -
I am an IT professional who craves travel. I love exploring new places and meeting new people. I mostly travel alone or with any of my travel buddies. I am at ease in being a tourist or a traveller or even both, whatever the place requires me to be! My travel blog "Solopassport" aims at showcasing my experiences and photographs taken along my travel journey. I have not quit my job to follow my passion which is travel. On one side is "my profession" that feeds me with bread and butter and on the other side is my first and only love "travel" - both demands equal amount of time and effort. It is difficult but with a bit of planning in advance I give enough importance to both. I utilize all (well most) of my weekends (long weekends are a bliss) and my annual leaves travelling - it could be near or far - as long as it is travel and exploring new places.

2.  Edwina D'souza -
I've been travel blogging for 3 years now and successfully balance my travels with my full time corporate job – previously with a hospitality firm in Mumbai and now with a Multinational Consultancy and Accounting firm. I love travelling and exploring new places. I simultaneously maintain a travel blog – “Wannabemaven”- to keep my passion for travel alive. My blog talks about all things related to travel – from food to cities, history, art, culture and occasionally films. I also blog extensively about Mumbai as a city – things to do, places to see, etc. I’m currently concentrating on creating a wider base for my travel blog. This needs me to write interesting travel stories about cities and cultures that are not quite heard of. Indirectly, this means more travel and I’m thrilled by the very thought of it. Also, I’ve realized it is important to set goals. Daily goals, weekly goals, monthly goals maybe, but do it! If I must take a break, I try to travel someplace new at least once a month. I ensure, I write at least once a week on my blog. It all depends on how badly you want something. Travel is very important to me. I don’t see it as a luxury but a necessity. So, I try to find a way to keep travelling.

3.  Suman Doogar –
I believe in balance in life, I think because too much or too little of anything can leave you feeling deprived. I am a full-time Psychology teacher in a private school, I tutor in part time, I organize treks to Himachal Pradesh under a small venture called “Nomadic Shoes” and I am married. So, add another whole spectrum of work of cooking, cleaning, dusting and washing utensils. And I travel. I never felt the need to leave my job or ignore my family for the sake of travelling. A little bit of this and a little bit of that keeps me grounded and offers variety at the same time. Teaching and travelling are my two passions, one gives me security and the later breaks the monotony of routine life. Each aspect of my life compliments the other. I am a better teacher because I am a traveller.

May not be enough evidence, but if you want to travel and are not sure of letting go of your jobs – maybe there is a way of doing both, right? Let me know of your thoughts in the comment section below.

P.S. - All the photos have been used after prior consent by the interviewees.


  1. Yeah, I've been doing it too, and Toastmasters, Stock Market, Social Media, and even Workouts along with it on a daily basis 😊

    It's all about managing your priorities and then time-management.

    More power to women who do it! They should be a role model for even men!

  2. Thanks for the feature.


  3. Yes,cheers to the sister hood of travel bloggers who work full time !

  4. Yes,cheers to the sister hood of travel bloggers who work full time !

  5. Fabulous. I can relate to this post as I manage two full time jobs :) It isn't easy, I can vouch for it. This is truly truly inspiring, especially for those who think it is impossible to do so:)