Fall is Here

A beautiful overcast day 
Snuggling in my comforter still, I look out of the sole window in my room. Just yesterday I had a clear view of a snow clad Mt. Rainier but today, at dawn, there is a tinge of orange on the clouds that shroud the mountain. Light slowly spreads only to reveal a grayish blue sky. 

My Autumn Kit - A very Special one
I sit there on my bed, partly asleep, partly awake, waiting for the sun to introduce some heat to the seemingly frigid morning. Time passes by and the chill doesn’t die down. Finally, I wake up for college only to find myself standing at the window and staring outside for some more minutes. 

My Neighbourhood
Even in the faint light of the overcast day, nature amazes me like it has done for the past one month, now more than ever to be frank. The shades of orange and red outside my window lit up my face and steal my sleep, because I am happy. Autumn is here and I love it.

Fall starting to set in in Kubota Japanese Garden, Seattle
Finally, I am starting with some Seattle insight! Been more than a month now, seasons have changed and Seattle is more beautiful than ever. The biting cold is slowly setting in, but the winds have a pleasant touch to them; fall is here so is the winter rain and the auburn tinge is enveloping nature pretty fast. 

Rings of fall, rings of fire
Red and orange leaves are taken up by the wind and strewn around, carpeting sidewalks. Fruits and flowers burden almost bare trees and it is just so earthly everywhere, so close to nature, so dreamlike.

Do you see the colours?
Autumn has always been kind of a fascination for me, maybe because I was from a tropical land that had fall only in the northern states. But whatever be the reason, the fascination actually made it my favourite season! (Yes, I am still like a kid who has favourite season, flower and fruit.) 

Fall is taking over
And experiencing the season for the first time ever has convinced me that my fascination was worth it. While the fall foliage entices almost everyone in the world, I have fallen in love with the amount of colours nature puts on a display during this season.

Colours are everywhere
Along with the colourful falling leaves, autumn has colourful strawberry trees, holly and honeysuckles everywhere. And just like spring, even Autumn has a flower galore! But that I would be showing to you guys in another post. For now, enjoy glimpses of the fall foliage of (read in) Seattle! 

Picture Perfect Autumn

P.S. - All photos are taken by multiple cellphones this time.


  1. Beautiful pictures!..loved this post!

  2. how many cellphones do you have? Will be waiting for more posts from you . Wish you a great Autumn my friend

    1. Ani my phone is almost dead so took some pics on a friend's One +3. And more posts on Seattle will be up soon :D

  3. Amazing ....loved reading it

  4. Lovely shots...

  5. Wow wow wow! Simply superb :) nature and it's trillion ways to make you believe in magic!
    Enjoy it to the fullest vish:) thanks for sharing!

    P.s love the purple kit ;)

    1. Glad you liked the post Divsi! And I am finally using the purple kit too! :D

  6. Seattle is so beautiful and amazing photography. And damn that Polaroid camera! It's gonna really capture such pretty scenario. ��

    1. Thanks Letizia :) And I have taken the Instax to Downtown already :D

  7. Ah the colours, the colors of fall! Can't get enough of it! With Mr. Rainier right out of ur window (literally) and such enchanting colors all around, you sure are for a treat in your favourite season.

    Oh yes, you are not alone, I too have my favourite season, actually seasons. The biting cold winters and the refreshingly green monsoons.

    Cheers and happy fall!

    1. Rajiv nature around Seattle is its true treasure. No Space Needle, no Columbia towers, nothing can compete with nature here! And I miss rains of Mumbai!!! I love Monsoons in India :D


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