Postcards and a Musical Note from Antelope

Nature at work - do go slow!
Little sunbeams dance on dusty rocks, painting them in shades of red, pink, orange and yellow. Narrow shafts, barren lands, whizzing howl of winds around but it is all about a hidden channel in form of a slot between rising continuous boulders of ancient rock, etched and levelled by winds and water over centuries! A friend of mine recently witnessed it all and sent me over dozens of pictures and I just cant get over them. Well you can see the reason, can't you?

Let the light in!
This is Antelope Canyon, a slot canyon that is a part of the Grand Canyon. Located in the Navajo Nation of Arizona, Antelope Canyon is actually comprised to 2 separate slots Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. Though the photos in this post are only from Upper Antelope, lower is equally breathtaking!

Rising walls or etched rocks!
True wonders of nature – these slots canyons along with the Horseshoe bent and Lake Powell are the biggest attractions of Grand Canyon, but nothing beats the natural splendor Antelope Canyons hide in their narrow shafts. Antelope canyons are photographer’s paradise and these pictures prove the reason why. Believe me – all of these are unedited and clicked from a one plus two phone camera! You get the point now don’t you?

The orange alley
My friend, who took these photos, said the place was chilling and there was a crazy long line for the 30$ ticket – but all of it was worth it from the very first sight of the colourful stone walls! Enough said let the pictures make you travel through the alley of the Upper Antelope Canyon.

The dimming pinks and purples

P.S. – It is said that photography inside the canyon is difficult due to wide exposure caused by reflecting light shafts off the canyon walls but early morning at sun rise and time just before sunset would pose as no photo issue time. Yes you won’t be able to witness the light beam phenomenon but as you can see the place is amazing even without that. Also since these periods do not have the light shaft phenomenon, the cost of the tickets are lower.

If the pictures didn't take you there, this totally will!


  1. I so wanted to visit Grand Canyon, but we had to miss them on our recent California trip (these places are not so far from there).

    Anyway, hope to see these wonders of nature some other time.

  2. This is very nice. Adding on to the list of my places to visit

    1. Yay another one in awe of Antelope. Welcome to the club Ani :)


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