Mumbai's Food Truck Festival

What is that? Where is that? 
Food Blogging, Food photography and Food tourism all are real things! So are food festivals! Have you ever heard of Mid-Autumn Festival of China, Pahiyas Festival of Phillipines or Naples’ Pizzafest? No? Surely you have heard of Melbourne Food and Wine Festival and Oktoberfest of Germany. Right? Well these are some of the best food festivals around the globe and while breweries in India and Sula wines have started adopting these festivals with Indian flavour there was another food festival Indianized this weekend in Mumbai! If you are wondering why I am doing a food cover, well I fall in the food tourism department.

Funky looking food truck!
Anyways, have you guys heard of Food Trucks? They are a common sight in the U.S. cheap sustainable on the go food, just like our local vada pav and samosa stalls but of course all on the wheels. 

First Ever!
Now guess what food trucks that started off in Texas in late 1800s have food festivals dedicate to them too specially in Miami and Chicago but after almost 150 years they managed to travel to India and this weekend Mumbai had its first ever food truck festival in Lower Parel. *drum rolls, nope horns!* 

Not just trucks, there were cars too - as small as Nano!
This Food truck association and Mumbai foodie collaboration was initially a 2 day event that was later turned into a 3 day extravaganza for all the foodies in the town and catered to their desi (Indian) and videsi (foreign) taste buds. Though I would not suggest the place/festival for desi chaats, the food trucks could surely give a mall's food courts a run for their money.

I eye the sweets, always!
With a price range of 100-200 on almost all items and the making counters visible to the customers, the food trucks made sure they were making way for another festival in the near future. Cleanliness and order made sure people were happy and food, well the crowd said it all. If you don’t believe me look at the crowd that poured in despite the 35 degree humid summer weekend.

Okay this is a non AC place and that was the crowd at 5:00 PM
Biggies like The Lalit and  White Owl and newbies like Snow World and Czar were all there to be part of this first ever Food Truck festival of Mumbai that was meant to promote flavours of street food of the world and promote food tourism. And the ones that didn’t have a truck made may with wagons and Nanos!

Ice creams anyone?
Sandwiches, nachos, burgers, burritos from the west met chaat and bhel of Mumbai with a sweet touch of pastries and cupcakes and a cold shiver of ice creams of so many flavours. The quad of High Street Phoenix was witness to food love of Mumbai and I was there just to see it all. Yes the heat was a spoil sport but well food trumps it all right?

Some biggies I had tried way before the festival
Know of any other unique India version of an International festival happening anywhere, or have you ever been a part of one. Let me know your experience!

Okay I thought a glimpse of the food should be from the organizers themselves!


  1. This is what you call a gastronomical post. This is also the type of post that makes people sitting in office on a Monday morning to curse the one who has written this post ;)


    1. Haha Monday Morning blues get colourful after you think of food. That is what I think hence the treat (this post) :P

  2. I was there too. Loved the Swedish House Mafia truck for its cookies. Good you went in the evening. The noon heat was killing!

    1. Swedish House Mafia had the cutest counter too!
      And even evening was maddening. Mumbai humidity is so bad this time :(

    2. Divsi never misses anything in Mumbai :-)

  3. Wow, this looks to be a hit among people!

    1. It totally was a hit. Less options for sure but still made its mark. :)

  4. This seems to be so tempting!

  5. This is surely a praiseworthy initiative and should happen more often in Mumbai as well as other cities also . I am glad that you enjoyed this.

    1. It surely was a praiseworthy initiative. Food trucks have been a part of Delhi, Bangalore , even Pune for quite some time now. But in Mumbai I have hardly seen any. This might pave the way for more food trucks as street food joints. :)


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