#WanderlustWednesday - 5

Hello Everyone

And the last Wednesday of March is here. Travel pictures and stories would never cease but for now this is the last #WanderlustWednesday in the travel ‘Wanderland’ or well wonderland on my blog! 

For the last Wednesday even I decided to travel and so the feed today also has my #WanderlustWednesday post. But before all that, thank a lot to everyone who participated in this wanderlust section and who made this segment my personal favourite segment on my blog. A special thank you to Anindya Basu and Ankita Dhawan for their virtual tour every week - you guys are Wanderlust souls of the month!

I will surely come back with it again, with some theme next time. Till then enjoy the best pics of the ‘Wanderland’ for this week!

A night sight of the Bosphorous sea and surroundings taken from the foot bridge in front of it. Does experiencing an unknown city in night make it a wholesome experience? 

A feeble winter sunlight attempts to melt a frozen bank...

The Skies and the feel, It is Bombay or Mumbai?

See the World!

You know the place!

And the bonus picture of the Week is rather simple but surely speaks tons about travelling!
Idlis and Dosas synonymous to Sounth India? Best in Chennai or Udipi? Think again!!!

And yes just a small glimpse from my travel last week! Posts coming up soon!

Hope you liked the posts and hope you would participate in the next #WanderlustWednesday (when it is back)!!! 


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