#WanderlustWednesday - 4

Hello Everyone

Another #WanderlustWednesday in the travel wanderland or well wonderland! After thinking about traveling, literally every Wednesday in the last three weeks, this time even I am travelling and so I am sharing some wanderlust pics from my own Instagram feed here today. 

My Insta Wall

But yes, the main ritual is going nowhere for at least another week and so for the fourth week in row, here are some amazing wanderlust photos through the lens of some wanderlust souls on Instagram only this time! Here are the top five pictures of this week!

On a #Sunday you also revisit the memory lanes of a railway station where you wanted to spend the rest of your life with your most loved one. We never wanted the train to come, we never wanted to leave that small railway station. On our way back from Mt. Titlis.

                                 A Windmill called de Valk or The Falcon - Netherlands and No Windmills?

Road Trips and the company of the Pacific in the coast of California! - The friend who shared this pic has a private account hence I am not sharing the link here.

History + Architecture = Wonder!!

Ring of Kerry, Ireland

Hope you liked the posts!
To be part of #WanderlustWednesday next week please follow these simple rules!

1.   Post a personal travel picture on Twitter or Instagram with some trivia or a story to tell or just a thought or poem associated to it.
2.  Follow and tag @vaisakhi on Instagram for instapost or follow and tag @vishvaisakhi on twitter for tweets.
3.  Use the hashtag #WanderlustWednesday on both platforms to be considered.
4.  Post the picture between Sunday and Wednesday (5:00 pm) to be considered.

Simple right? So be part of it!!!
Hope to see some more wanderlust pics next week! I will be continuing this segment till the end of this month. Do let me know if you want me to continue the travel love in April as well because this section is for you guys! You make it possible with your travel tales. 

P.S. I do not hold copyrights of your pics, so you are free to post it anywhere else.


  1. No doubt these pictures are great and you write so sweet and clearly. Thanks for your beautiful pictures and travel stories I really enjoying them.

  2. Thanks Vaisakhi. Its a great feeling to get featured here.

    1. Thanks Ani for being a part of this every week! :D

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