#WanderlustWednesday - 2

Hello Everyone!

I know I am a day late for the #WanderlustWednesday post but well sometimes work just gets overwhelming. Anyways, I am here now with the top 5, actually 6 this time (just loved so many!) Wanderlust pictures of this week’s wanderlust Wednesday!

Muffled in the cold breeze
From beyond the vast horizon
Carried a story to be told.

How I love the mountains! 

The Jungle of another kind 

Bask in some dancing sunlight!

The Barren Heights of UAE

The Doors and Windows of Grandeur from Gwalior 

Hope you liked the posts!

To be part of #WanderlustWednesday next week please follow these simple rules!

1.   Post a personal travel picture on Twitter or Instagram with some trivia or a story to tell or just a thought or poem associated to it.
2.  Follow and tag @vaisakhi on Instagram for instapost or follow and tag @vishvaisakhi on twitter for tweets.
3.  Use the hashtag #WanderlustWednesday on both platforms to be considered.
4.  Post the picture between Sunday and Wednesday (5:00 pm) to be considered.

Simple right? So be part of it!!!
Hope to see some more wanderlust pics next week!

P.S. I do not hold copyrights of your pics, so you are free to post it anywhere else.


  1. Danke! For the feature, lovely Vee! :)

    1. Thanks sid! And thank you for that lovely pic!!

  2. Great collections and love the stories behind those images..

  3. Good gallery...I see you are all excited about this 😊

    1. Thanks Alok ji :) next week ene you can participate! I will be curating tillthe end of march :D


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