#WanderlustWednesday - 1

Hello Everyone!

March is here and I am very excited! The reason, well, is something related to this post. 
Being a wanderlust soul, I recently decided to get some wanderlust people on Twitter and Instagram and I will be curating #WanderlustWednesday on my blog this whole month. So here are the top 5 Wanderlust pictures of the 1st ever wanderlust Wednesday of March!

To bask in the spirit of wanderlust and celebrate life!

That house, those people.

Sitting in a Gondola suspended in midair, with fragrant forest beneath, a golden sun above and misty rain all around, I knew why wanderlust beckons again and again. Just to experience incredible moments like this again and again! 

 The essence of a place is in the serenity of unadulterated nature around it.

By Swati and Sam on Twitter

Hope you liked the posts!

To be part of #WanderlustWednesday next week please follow these simple rules!

1.   Post a personal travel picture on Twitter or Instagram with some trivia or a story to tell or just a thought or poem associated to it.
2.  Follow and tag @vaisakhi on Instagram for instapost or follow and tag @vishvaisakhi on twitter for tweets.
3.  Use the hashtag #WanderlustWednesday on both platforms to be considered.
4.  Post the picture between Sunday and Wednesday (5:00 pm) to be considered.

Simple right? So be part of it!!!
Hope to see some more wanderlust pics next week!

P.S. I do not hold copyrights of your pics, so you are free to post it anywhere else.


  1. Everyone from Spanvilla!!! Yoo Hoo :D

    Loved the pics Vee... looking forward to this every week :) super idea

    1. Spamvilla rocks :D
      Please participate every week and thank you for this week's post!!! :)

  2. Replies
    1. :D Participate next week and hope to see your captures too!

  3. Beautiful captures and loved reading the stories and emotions behind it :)

    1. The thoughts and emotions are the biggest part of these pictures!

  4. Cool pics, have fun doing WW ☺️

    1. Thankyou! :)
      If possible be a part of it next week.

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