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The Place
The First weekend of February seems to be an art and culture weekend in the west! Kala Ghoda festival is on in Mumbai and it is Goa Carnival time in, well, Goa but I decided to not write on either of them. Yes, I wanted to write about the carnival actually but every time I thought Goa in the past week I thought of food and not just any food, I day dreamed about authentic Goan cuisine. And so today instead of writing about the huge festival of pomp and show, tradition and celebration, I will tell you about a classy little place where you can go and drift away to Goan Foodie Wonderland after a long day at the parade.

Old kitchen right?
So some months back, when I was in Goa (Courtesy Tourism Goa), I visited a quaint little restaurant called Mum’s Kitchen. Just off the Miramar Road, right on the highway the place is almost hidden in trees, but then a shiny brown and yellow placard lets you know the place and greets you to this amazing place. Amazing why you ask? Well, the outside of the restaurant is all ‘forested’ and also has water tile combination giving the place a very modern look from the outside but when you enter it transforms into this earthy, old villa style kitchen that kind of transfers you back in time. Full marks to the blue tiled, earthly kitchen that gives you a warm welcome as you enter it and promises food like Mum’s cook.

Our Spread

Chicken Xacuti
Yes! The place stands true to its name. Mum’s kitchen is not just an all show place, the food here boasts authentic Goan flavours and believe me, in some cases the traditional way of cooking too. I am scared of extremely spicy food. My friends often joke that my spice intake is limited to Gulab Jamun (if you get the joke) but Goan good with its strong tangy and peppery flavour has always enticed me and I love it! Of all the things we ordered (the entire menu really can’t recollect now) I still remember the mouthwatering Chicken Xacuti which was served with oven fresh Goan bread basket. Oh! And also the rich and very very traditional Prawn Hooman curry with steamed rice – literally proclaiming the Goan way of coconut curry with intense flavours of variety of spices – a must at Mum’s kitchen.

Prawn Peri Peri
Mum’s kitchen, with its sophisticated Goan-Portuguese menu, is a delight for non-vegetarians but that doesn’t mean vegetarians are left without the experience of Goan food. They have limited vegetarian option to be frank, but the dishes won’t disappoint you in terms of flavours and taste. Don’t believe me, see what my friend Divyakshi had to say about the veggie bit of the place.

Divsi's Veggie Delight (Source)
And never ever forget the dessert! We had our fill of Bebinca with Vanilla Ice cream but well you have enough options there to put anyone in a sugary dilemma.

Bebinca - I finished my share before realizing I had to click my food, thank God Divyakshi had the patience and control needed
So still wondering where to have you dinner today? This is some food for thought, ooo wait, thought for food! Cozy interiors, vibrant yet earthly ambience, extremely friendly staff and amazing food – worth every penny you pay (the place is a bit heavy on your pocket but totally worth it).

Yet another traditional bit that added to the ambience
And since I could not give you information click HERE to know about the Goa Carnival from official India Tourism site.

P.S. – All pics are personal unless source mentioned.
We were invited to the restaurant but the views in the post are completely honest and mine. :)


  1. I honestly haven't had a bebinca inspite of so many people talking about it. I seriously need to put it on a wishlist now, i think!

    1. Roshan!!! Sweets - should people like you and me attack on them first, at every place we visit! Make sure next trip to Goa has to be the Bebinca trip :D

  2. Love the Goan food. And if its like home-made, all the better!

    1. Hi Param
      In that case put this place in your 'to visit' list right away :)

  3. Now I want to be here desperately. Thanks Vee. very nice blogpost.

    1. Haha next time Ani next time :)
      And thank you so much :D

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