My Top Ten Instagram Posts of 2015

Okay Confession Time – I am an addict!

Before you people freak out, let me tell you I am the harmless kind of addict. I am an Instagram addict. Use of Instagram is no news to the social crazy tech savvy crowd, but I never really got a hang of Instagram until last year. And when I did, I didn’t feel like stopping at all. After one and a half years of regular instagramming I can solemnly swear I love it and I am addicted with no guilt. My day starts and ends with liking pictures, admiring creativity and the world and adding places to my bucket list.

I blog, I write, I click and I share – and guess what Instagram lets me do all that! A lot of people argue that Instagram is stealing away the authenticity of photography. I beg to differ. Yes, people do get a chance to use filters and modify the look of places but it is very easy to figure out if a pic is edited or not. For instance most of my pictures are unedited and that does not take away the charm of using Instagram. If anything, Instagram lets you connect to a wider audience with common likings and interests. So the point being – I enjoy sharing my travel stories on Instagram and today I would be sharing my top 10 Insta-Posts of 2015 here! (Yes I know I am a bit late, but it is still just January of 2016)

10. From the Ghats of Bramhaputra - Umananda Ghat, North Guwahati (unedited)

9. Tranquil chants of harmony - Global Pagoda, Mumbai

8. Solace in the rhythm of the falling rain - Lavasa.

7. Glowing flame of faith - During Durga Puja, Mumbai. (unedited)

6. The Vibrant Red of an Old Colony - Fontainhas, Panjim.

5. Symmetry and more - Fontainhas, Panjim.

4. Away from the light, day and life - Utan, Thane.

3. Just for faith and Hope - Pondicherry.

2. Ages seen and Unseen - City Palace, Udaipur.

1. Blue and Green Infinity - Alila Diwa, Majorda. (Unedited)

For the rest of my Instagram feed follow me at Hope you guys also discover and love instagram the way I did.


  1. I absolutely love some of the pictures you've captured and posted above! You have an eye for it and I see you going places and taking us along too through your pictures! :D Keep being an instagram addict, it's a pleasure to my eyes!

    1. Haha thankyou so much Zee :*
      Means a lot to me ^_^

  2. Wow beautiful captures :)
    Enjoying ur work..
    Keep Clicking !

    Hot Pink n Florals

    1. Thank you so much Ananya. Glad you liked the pics :)

  3. Striking photos, Vaisakhi. Loved them all, neat compilation indeed!

  4. Beautiful and eye candy pictures really awesome


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