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Oh mighty force, the dark side has risen again and guess what we all love it! If you know what I am referring to you belong in my side of the war, but others hey, don’t you worry people, we are a bit more considerate than the typical Sith army and would still give you the chance to join the force if you sustain the creation of my own crazy death star!
Too many jargons is it? Sorry, but get the drift because the dark force has awaken and being a crazy star wars fan (yes I am a girl and yes I am a fan, moving on) I decided to break the niche of this blog for a teeny weeny reason with which HP managed to lure me into the dark – yes I am the next Darth Vader. Spoiler much? I will really, really try to refrain from that but my excitement has reached a galactical level and hence forgive me if I let out any secrets.

Be on this side!!! (Source)
So agenda - HP Star Wars Fun Side Challenge, where HP is set to regain the allegiance of all who joined the rebels back in 2005.

My Reaction – Let me get my thinking caps, ops Princess Leia hairdo on…..
Getting my hairdo done!
So while the hairdo is getting done, my thoughts drifted away to what fun star wars shenanigan I would love to be a part of. Wedding like this one?

When Huffington post came up with this, I was super excited but by the end it fizzed out and I zipped away in my thought ship. But there was something in this post and it was…
Oh no not the wedding photo shoot! But the picture. Being and Instagram addict and a traveler, I would give anything to get a free ride to Tatooine, Dantooine or the beautiful planet of Naboo and do a photo shoot everywhere. But if not the planets, I can still resort to exotic locations and do a follow me to photoshoot there right?

(Source) #Followmeto....Recreate this maybe, or....

Antelope would be good for a Star War themed follow me photo shoot right?
And when I am done with my travel and photo dose, I can relax with the super light and amazing display HP Star Wars Special Edition Notebook, which has a special star wars e-comic written by Stan Lee himself from Marvel Comics and four fiction and a non-fiction books around the making and conception of the Star Wars. Yay goes the reader in me and I know you guys want it too!

Creativity is just a thing for Star Wars! (Source)
And well to be a Star Wars Freak and not dream of Lightsaber wars is a heinous crime. So I call upon the rebels to fight me and stop my dream, my death star which moves towards completion with every fight I have at serene locations! Or like I had said earlier you can join the force and be a Sith, for with Jedi’s I fight and Darth, well, something I aim at being! *Imagine the grave voice*

How about a saber fight with Japanese backdrop, Exotic much? (Source)


Drifting away to the Galactical space,
To build an Empire of the forces today
I implore you to seek the dark crazy fun side
Cause darkness might not always be this right

You live the dream like a Jedi’s beam
But reach the light of a saber bright
To get the realms of the forces ignite
Dare you doubt the Darth’s might.

Saber war at classic locations!!! (Source)
P.S. If you haven’t seen the Star Wars, it is never really late. See it made me a fan girl with poetic flare. Ok, I am ending the post before any more glares and going back to challenge some people with sabered dares!

Star Wars Clone Wars Earthly Version
#AwakenYourForce and let me know your Star Wars fun ideas in the comments below.


  1. hehehe.. this is such a fun and creative force!! Of course, you know that my enmity for you will only increase ten fold should you win the laptop over me, don't you Obi Vaisakhin Nobi? :D

    1. If I do win the laptop Doc, I wouldn't mind the enmity :P You can surely yoda in exile then :P

  2. Awesome post vaisakhi. I am a star wars fan my self and would n't mind becoming darth vader for the love of his voice and handsome anakin ofcourse ;) or cute li'l but still fierce master Yoda #MayTheForceBeWithYou :)

    1. Haha who can resist the force when someone like anakin reigns it :D


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