Saturday, September 12, 2015

Visa Free Travelling on Indian Passport

So recently there was a lot of buzz about countries we (Indians) can visit without visa with an Indian Passport. Fifty nine countries doesn’t seem much when compared to one forty seven of the UK OR USA visa, but you might feel horrible about the FACT that most of the fifty nine countries included in the list only give you partial access to their lands. For most of them, you would need a visa on arrival. Having said all that, there are some amazing places in that list that you should be really happy about! Today I will be sharing the list of five such countries I would love to visit soon.
Angkor Vat, Cambodia (SOURCE)
1.   Cambodia – For people who have been regular followers of my blog, my obsession with culture and history isn’t something they would be surprised with. For the others – yes, this South East Asian country is on the top of my list. From the largest Hindu temple campus of the world to the ruins of a forgotten Hindu/Buddhist kingdom, Cambodia has fascinated me for quite some time now and as soon as I get a chance, this place is going to be ticked off my bucket list!
P.S. – To travel extensively in Cambodia (Even for Siem Reap) you would need a visa on arrival that is valid for 30 days.

Cham Dancers, Bhutan (SOURCE)
2.  Bhutan – How can one miss the Land of thunder dragon when there is no fuss of visa to pose a hindrance to your travel plans? Cloud kissed mountains, cheerful people, artistic Gomphas and high and beautiful monasteries and for all this one just needs an Indian passport or valid voter ID and they are set. Children below the age of 18 years can travel on a birth certificate and a valid school ID card with a picture. Only to enter central Bhutan beyond Paro and Thimphu, Indians need to get a special route permit. And given that Bhutanese Ngultrum is at par with Indian Rupee, Indian Rupee is acceptable all over Bhutan, except Rs 500 and Rs 1000 denominations. The only issue, if so, is that Credit cards (Amex and Visa cards) are accepted by only few limited establishments and no ATM centers are available.
Ruins of Petra, Jordan (SOURCE)
3.  Jordan – Indiana Jones fans, do you need a reason as to why Jordan made it to this list? Petra! Jordan is a gold mine for a history lover thanks to its Nabatean, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman heritage. (Yes this is a history nerd speaking!) I wouldn’t mind getting sun kissed if it meant exploring the bygone era in the ancient towns of Amman and Jerash. Indians interested in exploring this historical country need a visa on arrival which is valid for 2 weeks and must hold US$ 3000.

4.  Fiji – If basking in the light of history is not your idea of getting tanned, worry not because beaches and white sands of Fiji would also welcome you without a visa. Although Fiji isn’t the only island in the Pacific to let Indians enter without a visa, Fiji has the highest number of Indian Inhabitants when compared to the other islands like Haiti and Cook Islands. Romantic getaway, a beautiful secluded island, surrounded by azure waters and colourful reefs, and no visa – could travel get any better?
Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia (SOURCE)
5.  Bolivia – Yes, the last place in my list might seem all weird and far, but I have been fascinated by this place ever since I learned about Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. Also I really want to see Salar de Uyuni, the largest natural salt flat in the world which is also known as the largest natural mirror of the world. Interesting place right? And if you can visit such a place without visa, why wouldn't you?
Best part about travelling right now or for people planning to travel in the coming months – there are a lot of offers on flights and hotels. Everyone must have noticed the Air Asia prices that have been making the wanderlust in me go crazy since past couple of days, but recently I came across some amazing offers on also for hotels. For direct links to these offers click HERE, HERE and HERE. The best part about these coupons is that you can download them aka save them and use the code provided directly.
But this was just my list, you can choose any from the 59 available countries! Do let me know your list in the comment section.

Happy Travelling!

P.S - For the entire list of the 59 countries click HERE.


  1. This is good stuff!! But Why don't you include the currency difference, the best time to visit and avg flight / stay costs! :P May be I am asking for too much. But that will help greatly! :)

    Thanks! :)

    1. You cant really fit everything in a blog post now can you? :P Else it would become a travel site and not my blog :) But glad you found the post good :D

  2. That is useful information. Thanks for sharing

  3. Useful information. In addition to the list , there are a few countries for which you are eligible for visa on arrival if you have valid US or UK visa, Turkey is an example.

    1. Yo! Somehow US/UK visa are as powerful as their passports :P

  4. Useful information. In addition to the list , there are a few countries for which you are eligible for visa on arrival if you have valid US or UK visa, Turkey is an example.