A Photo Walk of KL Bird Park

Hornbills, Storks, Colourful Parrots, Macaws, Ducks, Cranes, Waterhens, Mynas, Cockatoos, Pheasants, Flamingos Peafowls, Flamingos, Red Lorry, BulBul and what not! Well yes like the title of this post says this is going to be a photo walk of my walk at the KL Bird Park and that was me just remembering all the birds I saw there. Last year when I visited Kuala Lumpur as part of the Malaysia FAM trip, I had visited the KL Bird park; before you say it, ‘It is not just for kids!’ The KL Bird Park is the largest open aviatory in the world and you can see the most common birds to birds like the Indian Blue Peafowl, Silver Pheasant, Red Lorry, Straw-headed Bulbul, African Grey Parrot, Russian Flamingoes and more roaming almost freely there.

The two and a half hour long walk is relaxing and takes you away from the Humdrum of one of the busiest capitals of Asia. Accessible via the metro and with a reasonable cost of RM50 for foreign nationals, KL Bird park sure is a must visit when in KL. The highlights of the park, apart from the obvious being close to freely roaming birds, are:

The strokes' pond right at the start of the park

The parrots and parakeets area where you can feed the birds and believe me they come and play with you!

The photo block – huge, beautiful colorful birds and you can click pictures with them and get the pictures framed then and there.

The flamingo pond and waterfall section – my personal favorite area! Not only does this section have over thirty flamingoes or maybe more, but this area also give you a total rainforest feel with caves, waterfall and a huge pond! I must have spent more than half an hour just starring at the playful birds through the water veils. And it has benches for people who are tired after walking the whole length of the park. (This is one of the ends of the park.)

The incubation and Information center – Ok this area might be strictly for nerds or ornithology enthusiast but nevertheless it made to my list of ‘reasons to visit’. From bird fossils to eggs this center has it all and has information about almost everything related to birds.

Photo by Manjulika Sehgal
And lastly The Hornbill Restaurant – Ever imagined a giant hornbill snacking with you or a crane sitting right next to you in a restaurant? Well this place is where that imagination comes true! Cozy shack that gives you the feeling of a tree house in a rainforest and lets you be the closest you can get to nature in an urban jungle – isn’t this a reason enough to visit this place?

And if my words didn’t convince you I am sure the photos must have. But don’t just go on my words, visit to believe. I had a gala time with birds for the first time ever in this park, hope you guys get to enjoy too in the same way!

P.S. - All photos are personal.


  1. Looks like you had a great time, good one :)

  2. Must've been an amazing experience :)

  3. Wow! Natural beauty and such lovely birds, this sounds amazing vaisakhi! And the pictures show that you must have had a great time:)

    Ps: i was not Knowing about this blog of yours. Following now.

    1. It was beautiful Sarah! And thanks for the follow :)

  4. From the photo one can imagine how much you have enjoyed this park.Wonderful shots and writing.

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