Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Moving on with time with MOTO E

My Nokia 6610 friend
I am a girl who got transported straight form the 15th century to the 21st century, or so I feel because I repel technology! Ok maybe that is an exaggeration, but there is a big of truth there too. Some of my friends call it the Tech Gremlins. Reason, I have killed a lot of techy treats over the years – 2 cell phones, one camera, 2 ipods, 1 laptop and forget about the mini collateral damages. But worst still, the reason I said 15th century is because I refused to move on with technology, especially in case of cell phones. Remember those sturdy Motorola pieces that flooded the Indian cellphone market first. They were a bit smaller than the cordless phones we used back then but still had the funny antenna, then came the monochrome durable nokia handsets. I loved them – could play snake for ages, and well that is the only thing I did with that phone (my mom had one). Then I grew up – college girl, and so did the cellphone arena and I had to get one for myself. I picked up a Nokia 6610 for myself, one of the earliest colour cellphones that was the best at the time with GSM technology. And even when people moved on with the Nokia N series and E series, I stuck with it till you could literally dissemble and re-assemble it within minutes. But even when I refused to give up, my Paleolithic cellphone did and I had to pick my father’s old used E72.
E72 was big like a calculator!
Imagine my excitement – new (kind of) phone with qwerty keypad, camera, net access, music player, Symbian Smartphone!! This is 2009 by the way (now do you get my 15th century reference). I refused to move away form Nokia and didn’t even bother to read about android! A year later the old man died too and I bought yet another Symbian phone which died within two years and I finally accepted that the world had moved on to the android realms and I followed it there, very late! Now I own a Nexus 5 which was Kit Kat but is Lolipop now. I missed some really funky OS to reach here didn’t I? Éclair, Froyo, Gingerbread, Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean; did I miss any? But frankly I am still not happy with my Nexus!! So when Indiblogger asked us bloggers what you would #ChooseToStart with the new Moto E
I really had some wishes and most are fulfilled in case of Moto E 2nd Gen smartphone! (Damn Smart!)

First thing first – When a friend of mine got her Moto E the first thing I instantly loved about the piece was the Moto Display Notification! Why? Notification Buzz and distracting LED blinks is something I seriously don’t like but in case of Moto E it uses proximity sensor for displaying the notifications and time and it is pretty cool. Also it saves battery!! (No blinking lights you see)

Secondly radio!!! – I miss radio. Listening to Malishka early morning or studying with Purani Jeans was a major part of my routine during school and college and something you don’t feel like letting go right? But now I am forced to stream the radio channels online which eats up my mobile data and I hate it. Lucky for all radio lovers like me, Moto E is gonna bring back the Radio Mirchis and Big FMs in our schedules.

Thirdly profile concealer or well switcher and app pinning– I never had passwords on my cellphone, but currently I need it (don’t ask me the reason, I won’t reveal it) but the problem I faced after setting up my password was that my phone was no more a public property like it used to be and I was subjected to a lot of questions. Luckily Moto E has something called the Pin Screen option, where in if someone asks me to access some app on my phone, say wants to make a call, I can simply set that app accessible by pinning it to my display and the other person won’t be able to access anything other than that, not even the lock screen!  And in a bit family issue I can just create different user profiles and switch the profiles before giving the other person my phone, that way my data stays mine and they would be using a different set of info for the same set of apps – super stealthy and almost no doubts, security at its best!

Fourthly Extendable Memory – Tired of deleting photos, songs and videos cause a lot of recent phone don’t support extendable sd cards? Fear not MOTO E gives you the option of increasing your phone memory till 32 GB! I don’t know about others but I love my photos and songs and this is something I desperately need!

The Colour Bands!
And last COLOURS! – Ok I love colours and MOTO E caters to that wish of mine in a very different way. No not the display colours, but body colour! It has a side band that conceals the button and card areas and that has a lot of colour options. Just switch and use which ever you want – your choice MOTO E shades!

Anyways I might soon switch to this pretty smart tech being, what about you guys?

P.S. - For more Information Please Visit this site - http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

Sunday, March 22, 2015

New Challenge - The #WashBucketChallenge

We as consumers identify a product or service through its commercial advertisements, don’t we? I love a lot of ads that our advertising industry comes up with every year. From the Airtel music to daag ache hain ads, to the crazy glue stick ads, to the emotional insurance ads – all brilliant creative and expressive ads. Wondering why I stated talking about ad when my post title says “Wash Bucket Challenge”? When we talk of ads, how many of us have seen ads with men doing household chores? The “Masala”(spices) ads? Or maybe the cooker and tawa (utensils) ads? Definitely the Cleaner and disinfectant ads? Still no? What about washing powder ads?
Some days back we celebrated International women’s day, and did you know the theme of women’s day this time was “Gender Equality”? Unfortunately, everything around us still tells us how far we are from equality. Take the very example of all the ads I was just talking about, all broadcast an orthodox view of household chores as a woman’s task that too on national and international networks.  But guess what a wave of change is coming! (Great Expectations!)

A couple of months back Ariel had revealed a fact that 77% of Indian men depend on women for doing their laundry  and had asked us bloggers #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob. But now they have come up with a campaign #ShareTheLoad #WashBucketChallenge that aims at changing the deep-seated fact for good. For the #WashBucketChallenge Ariel asked men all over India to do the laundry at least for a day and share the load of household chores and so I nominated my brother to take the #WashBucketChallenge.

My Younger Brother takes the #WashBucketChallenge
My brother occasionally does his laundry himself and so he was all game for the challenge. The day after his 12th Boards got over, I asked him to do the needful and guess what – He didn’t even complain but instead he posed for photos and did not only his but the entire houses laundry that day! Ok, I wasn’t some evil elder sister standing and watching a show but he did the majority to be frank. I kind of realized sharing household chores helps in bonding too! It gave us a bit more than an hour to tease each other like kids again, play with the froth, ask each other about paper and office and make an attempt to talk non-sense (yes it is fun) other than our limited daily chats courtesy our busy lives these days. Also the froth did no harm to my skin (else he would have had a crazy time *phew*) luckily Ariel is a very gentle and efficient cleaning agent. Ask our clothes and my dear skin, they will agree.
And yes for us it wasn’t just about this #WashBucketChallenge! He also helped me with ironing the clothes. I still iron my clothes myself and he opted to do the same from now on. Just hoping this attitude is extended to cleaning the room soon :P *No harm in dreaming right?* 
A couple of months back, there was a bucket challenge that had taken the whole world under a chill spell, remember? The #IceBucketChallenge. Hope the #WashBucketChallenge has the same effect, at least in India.

P.S. – I nominate all my readers to take this challenge! :D Guys trust me it is fun.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Wait - Empty Halls, Mirrors and Stones

Sheesh Mahal at Amer Palace (Amber Palace), Jaipur, Rajasthan

I sing the silent ballads of love
And some of fleeting glory too;
Stones and mirrors have seen stories clear
Shining bright to remove traces of gloom.
But ages and ages have passed me by,

And I still stand here, waiting for my doom.

-Vaisakhi Mishra