Sunday, April 6, 2014

Irritated if not Hating it - True Story

I hate a lot of things in my life, who doesn’t right? Please don’t judge me now…:P But I am most annoyed when people ask some dumb or silly questions to me. Not their fault, it is just their curiosity; I get it but I can’t really control all 57 human emotions and balance them at the same time right? Anger just goes out of its limits, so not my fault either. Anyways here are the top 10 of the questions I just hate being asked.

10. Why have you never been to a disc even after staying in Mumbai? (Ummm so Mumbai Girls Priority List has disc on the top? Maybe I lost my ‘Rules to stay in Mumbai’ manual, please lend me yours.)

9. What are the qualities of your dream man? (Oh right for everything these days a manifesto is required, right?)

8. You love football? A girl loves football? What is offside rule? (I mean seriously! Is football a patented sport of guys? And me knowing offside rule or not, does it define my love? Love = Offside rule? Maybe your BF/GF should ask you ‘do you know offside rule?’ instead of ‘do you love me, baby’? Sorry this one really gets on my nerves)

7. You have never kissed? (Really that question. Need I say more?)

6. Where do you stay? XYZ Road! Do you really stay on a road? (How lame can people get trying to make a joke!)

5. Why do you love Harry Potter books so much? (I feel the only people who would ask this are the ones who haven’t read the books and no matter what we do to explain they won’t get it, so what is the point? – True Story of a PotterHead!)

4. Do you have a boy friend? Are you single? - This one only if asked by a person who knows me for less than 24 hours! (Umm how does it concern you? My life, my boyfriend. How does it matter to you if he exists or not? )

3. Is your name Vaisakhi or Vaishakhi or Vaisaki or Vaishali or Baisakhi or maybe Boysocky?  (I mean really, is your pronunciation skill that bad? It is vai-sa-khi. How difficult could that be! )

2. When you meet some aunty or uncle after ages and after some small talk they ask, “Studies done, now what plans MBA or Marriage? (For god’s sake, there is more to a girl’s life than marriage.)

1. Same story different version, and a bit direct one – “When are you getting married?” (Abhi! Bas aap ladka batado! Guess everyone hates this question. Jab hona hoga ho jaegi and will surely tell you. Tab tak ke liye sorry!)

Just a list, don’t worry. I don’t mind people asking these questions to me now but my reaction is gonna be this for sure. Please share your top 10 hated FAQs in to comments if you feel like. I would love to read them.

P.S. - This post is written for Indispire, ten questions that you hate.
Picture - Only Google gets me the right one..:P