Come Alive In Melbourne

Blue sparkling horizon
Where oceans kiss the sky
Creatures of wonder
Greet all the passersby

A peaceful journey
Along meandering roads
Accompanied with cracks of waves
Celebrating life where ever it goes

Puffing Billy steam rattles
Singing howdy mate to all
Where Bolt Bridge meet the sun
My heart suddenly runs just there

Koalas and kangaroos;
Tennis, cricket and food;
Just a verdant city of Victoria
Floods my dreams day in and out

No brownie points for guessing the place because it is literally impossible to not guess one of world’s most livable cities from these hints. Yes I am talking about Melbourne! It all started with Roger Federer’s first visit to India. I missed the chance to see him play live in India and all I could think about was - next Rod Laver arena aka Australian Open. (Big chance missed) And then it was the Aus- India cricket series. And finally Indiblogger’s Travel contest in collaboration with TourismVictoria website ( – ‘What's your reason for falling in love with Melbourne, the most livable city in the world?’
So this post is all about my Melbourne love Mate! And yes, I have already listed the main reasons for falling in love with this Cosmopolitan lately, but guess what, there is way more to it than just a sporty soul!
Melbourne is a cultural and artistry melting pot. It is known for its quirky street art and graffiti donned alleyways and music, live raw enthralling music in lanes and corners of the city. From Federation Square and Bourke Street to Hosier and Rutledge Lane and Degraves street, this city is a canvas that allows you to splatter the colors from your palette while it entertains you with music. Don’t believe me? Well this video will convince you guys for sure.

And as much as I love art and culture I enjoy history! Nothing leaves you speechless and nothing gives you a story more than the places that helps you connect with history. From wooden pews, to intricate carvings and vibrant stained glasses – St. Paul’s Cathedral is an exemplary gothic structure of the 19th century.

St Paul's Cathedral

Close by, is Flinders Street railway station – one of the oldest and grand stations of the country. And from there starts the cultural walk of aroma, of sweet bitterness and of freshness. Did you know Melbourne is called the coffee capital of the world? Flinder's Street Station is surrounded by various shops, coffees hubs and cafes, and the coffee culture is ensconced here to such an extent that the walk through the lanes is equivalent to talking a café cultural walk (as unique as it sounds).

My Attempt at recreating the magic of the Apostles on Paper ages ago
To talk about Melbourne and not talk about the 12 Apostles and the Great Ocean Road is just not possible. The 12 Apostles have been a symbol of Victoria for years and just imagine - you on a long drive, accompanied by the symphony of breaking waves and cold southern whizzing winds and the destination – Peaceful company of Nature’s wonders! How would one not fall in love with it? And if you thought that was all the natural bliss of this city you are in for a surprise. Melbourne has more than 480 hectares of gardens and parks.

The Eureka Sky Deck

And if I say I am all about nature and history and art I would be lying. Who would not want to see a place from bird’s eye view! Luckily Melbourne has two such spots – The Eureka Tower Sky Deck 88 and Shrine of Remembrance. Both easily accessible by the City Centre Tram which is a free travel service that runs in Melbourne. Yes you read it right – Free! And if you don't have vertigo issues and can get more adventurous, you also have the option of Hot Air Balloon! Still not in love with the place? 
For now I want to be at the Shrine of Remembrance at the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month. Why?  Well, the center has a stone inscribed “Greater Love Hath No Man.” The roof of the Shrine has 2 holes and at the 11th Hour of the 11th Day of the 11th Month a shaft of sunlight crosses the stone and the word Love is illuminated by sunlight. Have read a lot about it so would love to witness it.
Shrine of Remembrance

Okay coming down to my normal not so elaborate plans of when in Melbourne – Watch Federer play in Rod Laver Arena, Sip fresh brewed coffee in a café overlooking the Yarra River at sunset, and spend a lazy early morning in Alexandra Gardens re-reading Lord of the Rings and then spend a stunning evening at Bathing Boxes. *Not elaborate at all, right?*
The Bathing Boxes

Contest Time!

Okay enough about me and my dreams! If you were to visit Melbourne, "Which of these places would you want to visit in Melbourne and why?"

Do leave a comment below and the best answer (chosen by me) stands a chance to win voucher worth INR 500 from Indiblogger and Tourism Victoria.

Contest Last Date – 5th Jan 2015.

The contest is now closed.

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Drum Rolls!!! And the winner is Rajvi Doshi for her simple precise and straight from heart comment:
Lovely post..I would love to visit Melbourne for coffee. I love coffee! And to have it with a Masterchef in his kitchen would be an amazing experience. And maybe I could make authentic Mumbai Pani Puri for him also! :D :DRajvi Doshi.
P.S. - Except for the painting, all pictures are taken from Google or Indiblogger


  1. Great post, Vaisakhi! And your painting looks lovely :)

    I would love to visit the Sky Deck, though I'm not sure how I'd manage that, given that I have slight acrophobia :D But the Shrine of Remembrance sounds like such a wonderful place to be in when it lights up! I always find myself fascinated by architectural and natural wonders like this one.

    1. Thanks Fahima :) And don't worry maybe Sky Deck would help you overcome your phodia and give you an amazing experience to remember :)

  2. I would love to visit Yarra River Gallery in Melbourne to entertain my soul n senses with an interesting mix of visual n performing arts bcz no view can be as soulful as viewing an open air display of artifacts :)

    Shilpa Bindlish

    1. Performing arts! Yarra River Gallery is a damn good choice and unique to say the least :)

  3. I would like to visit : The Eureka Tower Sky Deck
    I've never seen such a place in my life before.
    It's fun to do things that scare the hell out of you, knowing well that you are safe too.
    Enjoyable :)

    1. It is fun! Seriously had a similar experience in KL Tower and Minara Taming Sari in Malaysia and can't wait to experience the Sky Deck! :D

  4. Nice Post Didi. I would love to visit Philip Island. To see little penguins parading to the symphony of waves and to spend an evening with natures quirky cute creatures in the wild! How I would love to be there! :D

    Heli Talaviya. :)

    1. Thanks and yes Penguins are adorable!! *Penguins of Madagascar* effect :D

  5. Lovely post..I would love to visit Melbourne for coffee. I love coffee! And to have it with a Masterchef in his kitchen would be an amazing experience. And maybe I could make authentic Mumbai Pani Puri for him also! :D :D
    Rajvi Doshi.

  6. Hi. I really enjoyed my brief visit on your site and I’ll be sure to be back for more.
    Can I contact you through email address?

    Please email me back.


  7. Such an amazing poetry and a great post! After reading your post & watching all the videos, I’d most like to visit the Dandenong Ranges for it’s scenic beauty, breathtaking view and cool breeze blowing through my hair. :P I’d give anything away for driving through the winding roads which are present throughout the ranges. I’d love to stay at one of the bed and breakfast cottages and go on frequent excursions in the forests with my camera which provides excellent views. And not to forget the famous ride in the Puffing Billy, a day reserved especially for that. To add to that, there are also several picnic spots for me and my friends to spend a fun-filled day and the ranges are a perfect spot for hiking and cycling.


    Wish you and your blog a happy new year! :D

    1. Thank you so much :) And Dandenong Ranges hiking!!! Amazing choice :D

  8. Good work Vaisakhi! Reading this blog really made me fall in love with Melbourne even more. Trust me , I cannot decide which place I want to visit because all the places are really beautiful.From St. Paul's cathedral to 12 Apostles, Eureka's sky deck to Shrine of Remembrance.If ever I get a chance to visit Melbourne, I would visit the city as a whole, to learn her culture and to embrace the beauty that lies within it. Even though it takes me months to travel this city but I would really love to visit ever corner of Melbourne..

    1. Thanks Letizia :) And to love a place as whole and not just parts says a lot about it and you :)

  9. Wonderful post and interesting videos that make me feel that
    Melbourne invites the eternal romantic in me to hold hands with my beloved and go see the Twelve Apostles .Go on long drives on the great ocean road. In the middle of nowhere in a vineyard spread a table and enjoy a meal and a glass of wine with my dear one. Enjoy the sunsets holding hands and do lots of shopping at the Queen Victoria Market and see all the graffiti being created at the hosier lane.
    Great Post and interesting videos watching them I am sure to visit Sovereign Hill for spending some time in the era gone by. The lure of gold and panning for some nuggets is a temptation that is too much to resist. After I have found the gold I am bound to celebrate it with some wine so I will visit the vineyards and enjoy some great wine from the Yarra region .Visit the Pannys Phillip Island Chocolate Factory and have my fill with this yummy delight.

    1. Hi 5!!!! 12 Apostles tops my list after Rod Laver Arena :D

  10. I would like to visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) which is located in Yarra Park. Cricket has fancied me since childhood. I still remember those days when the elders in my neighbourhood used to start shouting and hunting for us the moment the cricket ball hit by me broke one of their window panes. Running away from them was even more exciting than playing cricket itself.

    I used to follow every cricket match played by India religiously and used to analyse and discuss it with friends and siblings for days and months. Being such an enthusiastic fan of cricket, visiting one of the world’s largest cricket stadiums is one of my dreams.

    The thought of being seated amongst 95,000 other fans of cricket and cheering the players itself sounds exciting to me. Such large cricket stadiums are one of the ways to explore how much the passion for cricket has penetrated among the people of the world. MCG is located in Yarra Park, which also has many other sporting fields. This would allow me to explore not just cricket, but also many other games.

    - Ranjith (

    1. Cricket Love it is! After all we belong to a country that bleeds blue :D And thanks Ranjith for the visit :)

  11. After watching the videos of Rohan and Tanmay enjoying Melbourne, I am really feeling jealous of them and I would definitely love to visit the lovely places which they visited at least once in lifetime. I would not want to miss visiting Panny's Amazing world of chocolate for that mouth watering chocolates and if allowed I would take a shower too in that 400 kg chocolate falls :) Wow, and I would definitely like to drink the liquid chocolate too.

  12. Amazing Article.
    If I get a chance to visit Melbourne then
    I would like to spend my time in the Great Otway National Park, because I love watching animals. I would love to take a city tour by travelling on the Tram's of Melbourne. By travelling in tram's I want to explore every nook & corner of Melbourne. Besides this I would love to watch the amazing architectures of Melbourne like Eureka Tower, Royal Exhibition Building, etc. And without enjoying festivals, my journey would be incomplete so I will celebrate Australian Festivals.
    And how can I forget The MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground). As cricket is my favourite sport I would love to watch the Cricket world cup final which will take place at the largest stadium of Australia, that is, MCG.

    - Manu
    Harstuff Travel -

  13. Great post.Just loved your blog post. I am in love with driving and road trips, The Great Ocean Road is the ideal place for the people like me. I will surely visit that place in Melbourne and enjoy the sea shore, sunrise and gorgeous mesmerizing view.

  14. I wanna visit Melbourne too!
    Your 12 Apostles look great on paper.
    I'd love to see the real 12 apostles if & when I visit Melbourne. They feature in many movies & what a lovely deja vu it'll be!
    Choice of just 1 place is tough. Wanna see all the sights of Melboune! :)

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    My email id is
    in case you decide me as a winner


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