Friday, August 8, 2014

Thought for Food

Let the Shades and Tints of bonding dance
And a whiff of festivity rule our hearts

A bowl of love and sweetness profound
A treat for my brothers love bound

The syrupy delight and the colourful diet 
All waits but not lone
Hath no lunch made like this
Flavoured with the bond of a brother and sister and not spices alone

Grainy, Orange Saffron Pink
Rice of all shade in my Inn
Garnished with lemon and cardamon green
Paints a picture of love and dreams

But when added to the a container clean
Of clear glass hazed by its steam
The look melts your heart away
And then wakes the glutton in you for the day.

Sweet and sour
In the jar
Hot and super hot
For the rainy hours.

The steam rising from the Manchow Tub
Droplets forming on the Borosil Cup

The picture half ready
With the above three!

Let the chicken tease your hunger a bit more

And salad so colorful fit in the canvas of food
Preens through a round glass bowl

Butter and Paneer the veggie delight

Ah! Let us drink some patriotic sight!

But ain't the White missing the parade

Let some Ice Cream float in this shade!

And there you have it all laid out
Thought for Food without a doubt!

P.S. - This post has been written for the #BeautifulFood contest organized by Indiblogger  and Borosil.


  1. a big splash of colors and elegance is awesome .. a winning post .. no doubt

    1. Thankyou so much Bhavana...and best of luck to u too for the contest...loved your vanilla custard pudding! :)