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Pop Quiz – What issue related to hair scares a girl the most? (Remember it is a girl not everyone, so Dandruff is ruled out!)

Ans – Trichoptilosis!

The Problem (Souce Google)

The name does sound scary right. It is simply called ‘Split Ends’ and trust me every girl has nightmares about split ends. Luckily there is a very simple and efficient solution to this problem - All we have to do is have regular hair cut every 8 weeks. But what is someone doesn’t want a haircut? Doesn’t want to compromise the length of their mane? What then?

The Solution - Really? (Source Google)

Now days, market is flooded with products that claim to repair hair damage and split ends and the new one to join this race is TRESemme Split Remedy solution. I have to admit I used another product of a very well-known brand for the same problem, but in due time I realized it caused hair fall and made your hair greasy, hence causing more damage than solving one. So I took the sample of TRESemme new product for a whirl. I have used it five times now and have seen a significant amount of difference.

If not then what?!?!?! (Source Google)

Way Better Alternative - The Miracle Solution (Personal Pic)

Split ends are caused due to excessive heat and chemical stress. Extreme styling, colouring, constant blow drying and straightening or curling leaves our hair damaged and frayed aka causing split ends. TRESemme promises to reduce the split issue by 80% to 96% - depending on the hair quality, but not completely, and rightly so. The product doesn’t rid your hair of splits like some magic portion Professor Snape forgot to teach Hermione, but it kind of changes your damaged hair quality from the first and second year Hermoine to the radiant one. TRESemme claims the product binds the split prone hair and thus repairing the damaged hair. But in turn it tends to make the hair a bit stiff, but guess what - stiff hair means no frizzy hair and split end free hair is worth it any day.

This might become your Reality!!! (Personally edited pic)

On the whole TRESemme Split Remedy is quite effective. The shampoo works well and caters to the split issues very impressively but same can’t be said for the conditioner. Other conditioners of TRESemme work better than this one in particular. Also it is better to use this product every alternate day as the shine of hair due to the product doesn’t last very long. On the plus side more regular the use less will be your splits. Also the best solution to avoid the greasiness caused by the stiffness of hair in long term would be to use TRESemme Climate Control or Frizz control along with split remedy. More the merrier and it surely treats your hair well. 

In Short this is how it works! (Personal Pic)

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  1. Harry Potter Reference always gets brownie points :) Have you tried using the shampoo without the conditioner? How did it fair?

    1. Hi...I never use shampoo without conditioners so wont be able to answer that query of yours...but can tell you this for sure...the other conditioners of Tresemme are far more effective than this particular conditioner...:)


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