Hair Chronicle - Tryst with Sunsilk Recharge

Well that is how protective and obsessed I am with my Hair!

Chronicles of My Hair and Me just never end. I love my hair, I am obsessed with protecting it in all the ways I can and you can totally call me a Hair-Narcissist because that is who I am. My hair has always been compared to My Mom’s Tresses, which by the way were far more lustrous and healthy than mine are right now *jealous me*. So in order to trump my Mom in this case I must have tried every product that is set out in market with a promise to make my hair stronger and shinier. Imagine my horror when I recently realized my experiment platter contained Parabens. Wondering what they are and why am I scared of something that sounds like some Gujrati Aunt? Well Paraben is not my aunt but they are chemical compounds of para-hydroxyl benzoic acid that disrupt our endocrine system and make our body prone to cancerous tumors caused do to endocrine enzymes. For more details read THIS.

The scary alter egos of the Gujrati Aunt!

Anyways even before my hunt for Paraben Free Shampoo started IndiBlogger and Sunsilk gave me a free sample of Sunsilk Natural Recharge and guess what, it was a Paraben free product! I was a very regular user of Sunsilk Black Shine before switching to another product last year. But guess I am a boomerang because the trust in Sunsilk products made me come back to them and try out this new product. But the boomerang effect was not without sky high expectations and true to their brand quality, the product did deliver.

Natural Recharge on and tension gone - Really? *Wondering*

Travelling in Mumbai heat and pollution surely takes a toll on your hair – Hair fall, dryness, dullness, dandruff and dirt are just every day’s story. I have been relying on a broad range of products for quite some time now. On one side when they do reduce the dandruff they fail in case of hair fall, if one brings back the luster of my hair I pay the price by sacrificing the quality of my hair as the products tend to make my hair still and greasy in the long run. But Sunsilk Natural Recharge managed to get a green tick in almost all the boxes. The Product says - New Sunsilk Natural Recharge Strong and abundant is infused with ginseng plant root extract. It helps to strengthen, nourish and recharge tired hair making your hair look thick & abundant; it turns out to be true, false and true.

Master Shifu's Inner Peace mantra for Hair - or is it Master Sunsilk?

Sunsilk Natural Recharge definitely defeats the dry dull demons that have been haunting your hair for eternity. It renders your hair oilfree without stealing its natural moisture. It gives your hair a bounce that makes your heart flounce with glee (sorry for the poet in decided to come out :P) and more than anything makes your hair soft! Oil free hair means less dirt and less dandruff – so mission accomplished! And as far as hair fall is concerned – it makes your hair less frizzy, which means less number of hair mazes to give you nightmarish nights and less tangles means less number of precious strands sacrificed. Only in case of shine it falters a bit because it doesn’t give the stunning shine that Sunsilk Black Shine promises. Also I don’t really think any shampoo can nourish your hair, because they are chemicals after all; so let the nourishment department be with spinach and its brigade of leafy veggies. We wouldn’t want the green community to lose their jobs during this global warming recession now, would we? But never before has the less oiling before the wash and using the Sunsilk Natural Recharge conditioner given the same effect of leafy delights. And more than anything – This shampoo is Paraben Free! *yes I am stuck with this scary organic chemistry nymph*

Carefree Me - Thanks to Sunsilk!

So basically Sunsilk Natural Recharge, which has been my Hair’s best friend for over 2 months now, is here to stay for a very long time. It makes sure I have zero bad hair days and am at peace by letting my hair breath. I am more confident about my hair while travelling and have seen a significant reduction in the rate of hair fall. Also it has made me a carefree hair lab rat considering the fact I never allowed anyone to touch my hair other than my mom and my granny! Just hoping it won’t back fire in the long run. *Fingers Crossed*

Hair Styling - You don't scare me anymore!

And my mantra for people like me!
Recharge your hair, recharge your ways
For enjoying life every bit, every day
Let free and loose that unruly mane
That has promised not to get tangled ever again
Be it desert or a dreamy beach date
Never will your hair scare your dear soul mate
For life it breathes all charged up for the game
Of spoil me if you can; now I dare!

P.S. - This product was sent to me by Indiblogger and Sunsilk and my review is absolutely honest.