Sunday, June 16, 2013

Tour De Store

Ever since I joined Indi I have realized exploring new places constantly has been IndiBlogger’s policy since ages. Every meet is in a new venue. I have seen 5 awesome places from Churchgate to Andheri in last 5 months. But this weekend IndiBlogger made us visit a store, in one of my favourite malls – INFINITY Mall, Malad. Now people guess the Store!!!
OK let me skip to the actual event. Event cause the hour long experience actually felt like an event! 15th June 2013, the day I walked into the Reliance Digital store for the first time of Infinity mall - I must have visited the mall 50 times atleast though. Anyways like always my entire Blogger group, courtesy IndiBlogger meets, had reached there by 11:15 am and we were greeted into the store by Mr Vishal Singh the store manager, I guess. As I tried to gauge the extend of this massive story I saw Nihal, our Indi team-man trying to do the same and seeming a bit lost. As mine was a huge group of 10 people…ya I know I love crowd I guess :P…we decided to ask Mr Vishal if anyone could just give us a tour de store and to our amazement he volunteered himself!!! Customers wish our command I guess.
Our tour de store began right from the entrance where the infotech or as he said it productivity stuffs were on display. Reliance Digital is one of the leading retail chains for consumer electronics and durables, the most successful after Croma and its growing fast. He informed us that Relaince Digital is only 5 years old  and earlier had just 3 stores across Mumbai but in the last year it has expanded its number of stores by opening 12 more outlets in the town. Achievement right? Also Reliance Digital claims to offer 4000 products across 150 brands!! Anyhow when asked why the Laptops and Mobiles occupied the direct view area of the store he told us the reason was that they are the most Used Bought and Exchanged products so they catch the consumer eye first. Also the related accessories were placed right beside the display counters as you should get the logic – when you buy an IPod you need Headphones, right?

The front counters with the main infotech product and related accessories.

Moving on ahead I saw fixtures of different brands everywhere. He told us that this was because the brands have a tie up with the stores and hence they have end caps and fixtures of different brands all throughout the store. And OMG they had a whole fixture of Bose products. Well only Croma and Reliance Digital have them so ya OMG OMG! And the Apple end cap didn’t have much as they have a Reliance Istore also in Infinity. Makes sense as Infinity is one of the most visited Malls of Mumbai, and you should not be surprised at the fact that this very store of Reliance digital is one of the most grossing store as well. The only reliance store missing in the structure is Reliance Digital Xpress, but lets not drift from the main story, shall we?

HP end cap

BOSE fixture

Windows Power

Samsung Fixture

Apple End Cap

OK Gamers Attention!! Reliance digital believe in experience and not window shopping so they have a mini gaming zone or a play station booth. 4 LCD screens, games, joysticks, tabs with games, playstations and super comfy sofas! So what are you guys waiting for??? Game On!!

'Cause we play!!!

Also the way the products in the store are arranged is quite interesting different section for infotech products, different for cameras and TVs and different for home appliances. And they have power aisles a row of products arranged in an array starting right in front of the entrance to the end of the store and these products are the ones that have the most lucrative offers with them. So shopaholics and offer freaks this is where you would want to look.  They also have bins near the cash counters that have stuffs you would wanna pick but must have slipped out of your mind, so while you wait to pay would be the right time to see what you forgot. Home appliances area has everything and anything from trimmers to fridge you can find it all and there are store people after every alternating counters.

Counter Guy even at a counter of Trimmers - Lucky Customers right?

Power Aisle of Offers

Now we enter the digital click click world, my favourite sections. If you do not know how to use a DSLR don’t hesitate to ask questions and the counter guy would answer them all for you…God how much we troubled that guy..:P But it was worth it cause now I know for sure which DSLR I am going to buy within a month YAY!! TV experience was interesting too. Did you know there is always a right size of tv for a particular size of a room? Well if no, don’t worry Reliance people would help you figure that out in their Learning Experience Wall. It has a wall with 6 standard size LCD/LED TVs, a super comfy sofa and distance markings on the floor. They make you stand at the distance parallel to your room and make your experience the different TVs so that you select the right one. Logic – Buy what is right buy what you need not what you want or what you have just heard. Experience matters right?

The Floor of the Learning Zone

The Camera Man we Bugged so much 

So that was our trip of the Digi Kingdom but book lovers and music maniacs this same store has a timeout section also so even if you are no gadget savvy the store has a lot in store for you. But i did feel the books section could do with a bit of expansion and updation. The customer service of Reliance digital is awesome 24*7 disturb us department and they provide their own extension of available product warranties and services.

The Only Bookstore of Infinity - Reliance TimeOut in the same store!

All said and done the experience was quite cool for a lazy rainy Saturday but wish we had received the Indi promised goodies too on the same day. But no qualms cause another store official took our invites in the end, noted our numbers and promised us the goodie-goodles in a week through courier. :D

Thank you IndiBloggers for the chance and people if you have a Reliance Digital Store close to your place, visit it today, who knows you might find a new and better electronics store than your old one..:) 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Rainy Antakshari

Not long ago we had a show that used to air on Zee Tv every Friday evening that celebrated the power of music of the commoners, remember? It also is a game we played when lights went out, when we went on Picnics and in my class we played during breaks as well. Any guesses? Haha music freaks you guessed it right…ANTAKSHARI!!! The show that Annu Kapoor hosted so well and a show that is still missed so dearly.

Recently my college got over and the monsoon showered its blessings on Mumbai. What can be a better way to spend your evenings than playing antakshari while sitting in your balcony and enjoying pokodas and ginger tea? But I had a huge problem – NO COMPANY, NO PARTNERS. *sad* so I switched on my WeChat to see if anyone was online cause after watching the "Acha toh hum chalte hain” ad of Pareeniti Chopra and Varun Dhawan I knew it was better to play Antakshari on WeChat than playing WriteTakshari on Watsapp as the voice message facility would let everyone actually sing. But call it my bad luck or a good luck in disguise, none of my friends, from my college group of 40 people, were online. It is 40 people as that is the maximum member limit of a group of we chat. You must be wondering how was it a good luck in disguise, right? Well a bit of patience so read on, cause it is going to be legen-wait for it-dary.

The Boring WriteTakshari

As none of my friends were online I thought of using a message in a drift bottle to find people wanting to play, just like me.

My message in the bottle – Music freaks who are feeling nostalgic cause of the rains and wanna indulge in a session of Antakshari with like-minded people revert A.S.A.P.

And people, you won’t believe who all jumped in to prove their singing talents. It was a great evening as I got a chance to sing with Javed Akhtar, Shreya Ghosal, Sunidhi Chauhan, Shaan and Mohit Chauhan. Need I say more! Let the music roll...

 – Nahi Nahi yeh alfaz galat hain (These words are wrong). Kher Mobile Mobile kya Karen, karna hai kuch game, Suru Karen antakshari leke WeChat ka name.

                 Musumusuhassi diyoma lai lai mussumussuhassi diyo -  

Me-hey I always wanted to ask what exactly does this line mean?

                                                                                   Sing and laugh and be happy. - 

 – Nahi Nahi yeh alfaz galat hain!
                                       Javed ji jane do na jane jane do na in words ko jane do na - 

 – I am stuck in a traffic so please let me sing what I m feeling right now

                                                                                  Me – Irshaad

 – ruki ruki thee zindagi jhat se chal padi, hui android se dosti maja lele WeChat ke

                                                                   nahi nahi yeh alfaaz galat hain - 
– Javed ji oo words friendly, lyrics ke rakshak, mein bhi hun singer, alfaazon se, pronouncing se kyon…tu roke mujhe, na chance de mujhe let me sing….

                                Me –ok ok Respected Rockstar we get your point….chill

 – Musumusuhassi diyoma lai lai mussumussuhassi diyo


                                                                                Cheating cheating - 
 –O no no I was asking Mohit and Javed Ji to smile

HAHA really Javed ji forgive the aggression what to do Life ki naughty kahani yeh halkat jawaani

wow sunidhi you have become smart, Bano raani tumhe sayani hona hi tha hona hi tha hona hi tha

Me – you guys know all your songs so well and I have none of my own, True Story!
                                                 Musumusuhassi diyoma lai lai mussumussuhassi diyo - 

-you have already sung it!!!

                                                                 O no no I was asking Vaisakhi to smile - 

Me – ok ok g is it? Gun guna rahe hain bhaware khile rahis hai kali kali aaaa hhhh aaa hhh

 – ok chuck that music, my turn, haan hai koi toh wajaa jo WeChat ka majaa hai aane laga, in hawaon mein hai kya jo chai ka chaska hai chaane laga

haha should I tell you kya hai? Duba duba rehta hun in monsoon of Mumbai, dewana ban gaya hun main of WeChat Antakshari


- Yeh alfaaz galat hi sahi, the answer is totally true.

kaisa jaadu dala re, kaisa jadu dala re, WeChat pe gana gaya re, bada mazaa hai aaya re

 – Paigam laya saawan Singers ka chal gaya jaadu, bearish ke saath barse gaano ka power

Me – Ruk ruk ruk arrey baba ruk antakshari mein let me get hooked

                                                             Barso re megha megha barso re megha megha

Pee Lu is wet mud ki smell, pe lu a hot cuppa coffee under the rainy spell, pee lu this songs ka amazing khel

Now the sun, that was hardly visible, had finally set and I had a novel to get back to so I decided to continue the game the next day.

Me  - Acha toh hum chal te hain

  - phir kab miloge

Me – jab Aap log kaho ge

kahan?? Where where??

Me- yahin jahan sabhi gaate waate rahen.

Next day I decided to add more people to the group and used the shake function of WeChat. Shake is a feature where in when you shake your phone, and people around the world who shake their phone at the exact same time are visible to you. And call it God’s wish to hear more songs or my ultra good luck, I found out Shankar Mahadevan Sir  in the shake list!!!

Now now don’t be jealous of me. I admire people who love music and WeChat group allows me to add 40 people to the list. So if you want to be a part of my group Shake your phones at 6 ‘o’ clock every evening, who knows you might find me and be as lucky as me!..:D
P.S.- My entry for the WeChat contest organized by IndiBlogger. For more info visit WeChat's Youtube channelPictures are taken from google.