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How to spend an awesome evening that makes you laugh like crazy, know a lot of people really well you actually are meeting for the first time, meet amazing people in person before the world sees them for who they are, raises a hundred thoughts in your mind, makes you ask yourself “That is kind of true right?” at least a fifty times, and ends with yummy food for tummy and thought. Well Indiblogger’s Zee Connected HumTum, at hotel Leela in Andheri, would be the perfect example for this kind of an evening.

(The Way to Begin the Event)

As always is the tradition with the Indibloggers meet, we started off with Anoop warming us up to the fun filled evening plan set out for us. There was the initial game of clarifying myths and random choices, that ended with the question tape it or glue it, we had our famous 60 seconds to fame session where the bloggers introduce themselves to everyone in 60 seconds. Fun right!!..:D along with that was the twitter HumTum contest to tweet about the odd thing in a woman’s purse and meaning of humtum. 

(60 seconds of Fame!!!)

Now all pumped up, we finally started with the main agenda when Paromita Vohra graced the event. She is the brain behind this one of its kind initiative. Connected HumTum is a Zee tv initiative that will mark Abhay Deol’s television debut. But apart from that it gives the audiences a glance of the psyche of today's Woman. The Smart Six, bold courageous women with a dare to bare motto have shot fragments of their life over a year and tried to simplify the dilemma WOMAN for all. Each of these women drive on a journey of life in different spectrum, have different thought processes yet through this common platform will try to answer the question “Aurton ko samajhna itna difficult kyon hai?” through self shot documentaries.

(The Courageous Six and the Master Mind)

The six women were also there in the meet and to meet them we firt had a treasure hunt…or let us call it the woman hunt..:P And I really want to say; no wait SCREAM Bajate raho, cause I met RJ Malishka, YAY!!! Apart from Malishka the other contestants are Pallavi Barman - Brand Manager at Diesel and a newly wed, Mahima Chaudhary – an Aspiring Actress from Meerut, Sonal Giani - LGBT activist with Humsafar Trust, Madhavi Mauskar - a language expert and corporate trainer and well have to say she looked really pretty in her sari and Preeti Kochar - a dentist and a belly dance instructor. They kind of amaze me. Specially after seeing a video clipping of Preeti at work and teaching belly dance, and then crying in her car made me think woman no matter how strong they are how independent they become they still have weak spots and have the right to break down, to get support. I believe Men don’t get woman, but this is also true that many woman don’t get woman either.
We were shown an episode of the show during the meet, and throughout the episode I had this feeling, don’t they alter their behavior while being shot on the cam, have an urge to cheat and over write a segment, or not be themselves consciously or even may be unconsciously when around the camera. But post the episode the panel was open to all questions people like me had, we are born skeptics you see…:P  And whatever freckle of doubt was left, it was wiped away when Malishka declared “Our hands have become tripod since a year, please don’t doubt us.”

(The Panel Discussion)

All done we ended the evening on the hud hud note and were treated with delicious food and well drinks too..:D . Also we did get a chance to interact wid the contestants personally, though didn’t get to meet Abhay Deol..:’(  All and whole an amazing evening! And hats off to a woman to come up with such concept and the six ordinary yet not so ordinary women to come up front and serve a slice of their life on national television. The show will air from Monday to Friday 10 pm IST on Zee TV. So people who really find it extremely difficult to understand woman, make it a point to watch the show. And for all you woman out there, if you like Abhay Deol you know where to find him for the next 13 weeks…:D


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