Fantasy-tical Mess

Not very long time ago, in this very known land of ours, I decided to get in contact with some of our favourite people from the fantasy land using s tiny box we fondly call the cell phone. This cell phone though had a magical spell casted on it, a spell called the WeChat. I sent out a message in a dirft bottle for them to hear my call, what I found out shocked me to the core. The fantasy world was a mess and lost.

My Message in the bottle – My Heroes from this world and others, how are all of you? I have waited very long to know you personally, so please reply to this message of mine, it is my earnest request.

The Fantasy World Where Everything Was Wrong!

Percy woke up in Shire some days back resting, on a bed half his size, bundled up like a child. He had no idea where he was or what was he doing there. He tried hard to summon his father using his water powers, but even though the water rippled and waves in the small pail, Poseidon didn’t answer the calls of his son.  Suddenly there was a tap on the door with a shout, “Open up dear demigod we need to get to work.” Percy opened the door to a panting Sam aka Samwise Gamgee screaming at him “Finally you woke up after the seventh and the eight night of moon have passed. We have to find Legolas he disappeared the day you arrived in Shire. He was here to visit me. Percy Jackson if you want to see you camp again please help us find our Greenleaf Elf.” That is when Percy realized he was in the Middle Earth the land of the Lord of the Rings! He searched his pockets quickly only to find a cellphone in it with my message bliking brightly, while a puzzled Sam started in awe.

Legolas kept walking and walking. It had been two days now that he was sucked into the wardrobe of the Hobbits and landed in this weird world bereft of the warmth of Shire but all it had was a cold and freezing winter. The ice shimmered like it had been glistening for eternity. But before he could think of where the land was he saw a white horse at some distance and ran towards it to mount it. The horse had not moved a step and let Legolas mount it like his own master. “Where to”, Legolas heard someone say, but no one was to be seen around. “Where do we go to find princesses Lucy? I have searched all corners of the forest; she is nowhere to be found. Legolas the greenleaf, give me a direction to gallop and find our future queen, Narnia is a huge place for a man hunt.” That is when Legolas realized the horse was speaking to him. Stunned as he was, he knew he was in Narnia and not the Middle Earth. He felt something vibrate in his quiver and pulled out a small box similar to mine, a cellphone, vibrating with my drift bottle.
Lucy was climbing stairs after stairs of a castle she did not recognize, but knew very well it wasn’t her castle of Narnia. She saw pictures moving and staring at her and wondered what land is this where the pictures move.  Suddenly the stair she had been climbing started to move. She looked up, scared, only to find a never ending array of stairs till where her eyes could see. Her stair stopped with a jolt infront of a Fat Lady’s portrait. A bushy haired girl quickly grabbed her by her arm and pulled up to the Lady, muttered something and a door open to a highly decorated room. She was pushed into it and before she could say a word the girl spoke, “Where is Harry? What did you do to him. Who sent you here? What are you doing in Hogwarts?” Hogwarts, she did catch the word well and to her despair realized she was in Hogwarts the wizardry school of arts n craft of a different world and not Narnia now how would she get back home? But before she could ask that or answer the questions of Hermione, she presumed, she felt something vibrate in her pocket. She peeked at it and it was my message in the bottle.
Harry walked in a dead town, cold and all he could see was a blooming red tree breathing amidst knee deep snow. There was a castle but only the caw of a raven was to be heard from the distance. As he walked closer to the tree, and stretched a hand to feel the mystique hollow on it. But before that he was attacked suddenly by a white dire wolf, not hurt but pinned down to the ice cold ground. “Your scar looks pretty, where did you get it from? Did my brother Jon Snow sent you? Where is Arya? Answer to me I am Bran Stark and I know to hit pretty boys like you I am good with arrows you know”, a little boy came up from behind and said. Awestruck by  the crippled boy’s ferociousness he took out his wand and said “I am Harry Potter and I am from a different place. I am a wizard and not of Winterfell or even Westeros.” Just then the wand conjured a small box with my message flashing on it, all on itself.
Arya walked happily around the camp she had just found. All warriors and many were creatures she had never seen. But she was stopped rudely by another sword warrior, a girl more in age and with a bigger sword. “Who are you? You are no Demigod . Girl tell me where Percy is else I will spare no minute in killing you. I am Annabeth, the daughter of Athena and so you won’t want to mess with me.” Arya heard her patiently and then said she had no idea where Percy was cause she herself had no idea where she was. As a proof she said she would surrender her Needle, but wen she pulled it out of the hilt she saw a shimmer coming from a tiny box. The shimmer was my message.

My cellphone buzzed loud and clear cause my heroes had replied to my drift bottle and now were a part of my group the Fantasy land.
Legolas – Lady you have come to our rescue. I am trapped in Narnia do you know how i could get back to the Middle Earth.
Percy – Thank, not the Greek Gods, that you are alive somewhere, Sam would be happy to know, but how do I get back to my camp.
Arya – Using this box is really easy, all I have to do is speak and I know you people are hearing me. Anyways I am trapped in a camp. Have to get back to Winterfell my father, mother brother are all dead and Bran is alone.
Lucy – Please call Aslan. I got another gift but not from Santa Claus this time. I miss my horse and am trapped is a strairy castle.
Harry – Oh! You must be in Hogwarts. Ask Hermione to find some spell to send you back to your world and get me back there.
Me- Hush Harry it won’t work. No spell of any world is as strong as my books. I will flip through the pages of the books one by one and read my favourite part of each book and you will be back to where you belong.
All – That is a good idea.
I kept the chat on and started flipping and reading, till I lost track of time.

O hell my alarm, huh I slept while reading Hobbit.
The chat. The group.
I switch on WeChat on my cell phone, but there was no such group in my list. Damn it was a dream!

Wish the dream was true, wish the real could meet the real just for a day. And wish I could connect with the heroes of my dream, the five people of fantasy world I admire – Percy Jackson, Legolas the elf of Lord of the Rings, Lucy Pevensie of Narnia, Harry Potter and Arya Stark of Game of Thrones.

P.S.- My entry for the WeChat contest organized by IndiBlogger. For more info visit WeChat's Youtube channelPictures are taken from google and the chat story is no where related to any of the actual stories.


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