The New Social Bee in the town - Travelibro

Did any of you notice that big orange logo with the white suitcase on the blog?
A couple of months back a friend of mine told me about a new site specifically made by keeping the travel community in mind. Frankly I thought it would be something like Yatra or Musafir, but I am glad my assumptions were totally wrong! Welcome the new, cool, travel friendly social networking platform of the web-o-sphere –

Travelibro in their own terms is a ‘portal and app, conceptualized and developed for the ones who love to travel.’ It is a platform where you can browse, plan, save, share and treasure your travel memories, while helping many like-minded people create memories like you. The site gives you a chance to connect with experienced travelers and backpackers around the world to help you find a trip to suit your taste, budget and holiday duration. Planning a trip from scratch with no help, or using a standard trip offered by a tour agent – in both cases you miss out a lot, don’t you? But on Travelibro you can get all the help and insight you want along with the standard agent support and of course book your entire trip on the same platform! Just like they said – it is for people who love to travel.

But as a blogger my expectations from the portal went in a totally different zone. As a travel blogger, I always shared stories from my travels but when it came to my full fledged itineraries, I somehow found myself in a fix always before sharing them on here, my blog. The flow, the planning, cost details, stay options – it was always too much to accommodate in a post and more often than not I ended up scrapping that post. But Travelibro literary changed that. Within weeks I was able to complete so many itineraries over there and with a lot of ease thanks to their four step template.

Step One – Mention the destination, Date and Duration.

Step Two – Mention the cities or places you visited during the trip.

Step Three – Stay, Food, Place, Must dos – I could write all that I did and all that the place was about in a very organized format hence no scrapping this time!

Step Four – Pictures!!! Don’t we all love travel pictures.

See sounds simple right? Trust me it is and this is what turned out to be the make or break deal for me. The only issue I had while filling the data was the order of the cities but when I took a close look at the form on the page on the right hand corner I found my solution! Like I said – well planned and well organized.
Apart from letting you create your personalized travel itinerary and sharing it with the community, Travelibro also lets you share your blog posts or any random travel related thought on its Travel Feed. It’s a Social Networking site after all.

And not just that, it lets you follow the biggies of the travel community – More experience, more traveled and the best people to ask about any place in the world. I already follow two of them and am glad to finally get their complete, done and dusted customized travel plans and not just a sneak peek into their travels.

One of the Biggies!
I was planning my Odisha trip recently – that starts this week by the way – and I discovered that on Travelibro you can also pre-plan your trips and create tentative itineraries. For people like me who have so many things on the to do list and limited time due to my regular job, I found this to be a big help. Pre Plans that are tentative, editable and easy to make help you keep track of things you can and would be doing and of course create the final post trip itinerary with ease because, well you already have it all right?
And on the go checkins and pics – this portal has it all. Would be trying out this feature during the trip now and I am pretty sure it won’t disappoint!

Anyways, the whole point here was - to follow my travels with my day to day plan, follow me on! And if you love travel please share your travels there so I get to know more about your trips - after-all we all could use a bit of help, right? Also if you do join the site give me a shout there or here and let me know if you like the site or if you want more details in my itineraries!


  1. Seems like a very nice portal.
    Hope to see your Odisha trip itinerary over there soon.

    1. Will surely be posting something related to the Odisha trip on the portal. Do check out :)


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