Sunday, August 3, 2014

What The Black Revealed

What the Black!!!
Yes I am back with my black fever, yet again! But did you guys wonder why I have been obsessed with Black lately? Why every other post of mine is about some black realm or dark desire? Well the credit goes to Blogadda actually for putting this seed in our brains that has now grown to a fully “Worded Tree”; not speaking tree :P. Anyways, some weeks back came up with an activity called WhatTheBlack and I was totally clueless as to what it was. But since black stands for mystery and being a sucker for secrets and mystery I couldn’t keep myself away from the activity. Luckily I along with a few lucky bloggers got a chance to uncover this black mystery with help of Blogadda.
Wondering how did they help us? Clues!!!! It was a virtual treasure hunt, which unfortunately I didn’t accomplish at but never the less treasure hunts are fun aren’t they! Anyways, the clues were sent to us on 3 super rainy days, Blogadda People take a bow for being so diligent and efficient! Let me tell u the tale in form of clues what say? ;)
Clue One –

A cute little box, what could it be? Jewelry? Chocolates? Secret letter?
But it turned out to be –

BLACK EGG! What the hell? A painted egg? What was I supposed to do with it! Huh!
But wait it is an egg, shall I break it? And that is what I did – Break and LO! What a yummy delight!!!!!

It was a black Easter egg, yummy dark chocolate. Surprise one, treat of the day for sure.

Clue Two –

Early Morning when your newspaper guy comes and throws a paper at your door step what do you expect? A dull white large paper with scribbles everywhere, which actually break your slumber and open the world window for you every day, right? But guess what my newspaper vendor decided to give me – The all new What The Black Times! And trust me reading CWG news on the black sheet was so very different and delighting; but why black? That was our 2nd clue!

Clue Three –

A BLACK MYSTERY BOX of something so very ordinary! A cup and a tissue all gone black. Trust me I was totally lost after this. But All these clues did point at something. What could that be.

This is how my thinking board looked like after the clues.

My thinking caps were of no use and nor could my friends crack the code. So all we could do was wait till the next day, and we felt like killing ourselves the next day cause we had come so close to cracking it, yet were so far!

It is Colgate’s new toothbrush – The what the black product; but not an ordinary toothbrush. This is a brush with a ultra slim black twist. This toothbrush is made charcoal slim soft bristles. Yikes! Did you say that too, because I did when I saw it first, but after reading about it I was so impressed. We all know Activated Carbon is used to purify water, remove toxins, also removes dust and dirt and cleans your skin, then why can it not work on your teeth. Colgate uses the same principle in its new product and this ensures protection from germs that cause plaque and yellowing, ultimately resulting in teeth whitening. So let us just say you morning toothpaste just got its new friend all for your protection. Don’t believe me see this video and see what activated carbon can do.

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