Saturday, July 26, 2014

Weird Black Desires

The mysterious shroud of a colour bold
The alluring darkness hiding tales untold
The shade of evil but also of heroes
The tempting hue of space’s mythical doors

The moon, the stars all shine bright
But not without the black enhancing their light
Jasmines, empty road and sparkling silver sea
Wouldn’t be romantic if black hadn’t been

Black is power, Black is might
Black is beautiful but also is fright
It burns down the pride of crime like fire
But also portrays splendor of insatiable desire

Amalgamation of all the colours and none lack
Has not been a colour deep like BLACK

Black is the colour of evil, but it is also the colour of desire mystery and elegance. For now let us talk about desire. What in black would you want to own. Car, Dress, Guitar maybe even a horse? Is that is, does the list end there? Well for me it doesn’t. Here are five, relatively weird things I wuld want to have one day, if I can.

1.    Black Pup – Those adorable eyes, the innocence and then the faithful follow you where ever you go” nature. How can one not like dogs!! But unfortunately people have preferences there too. Whites, pugs and poodles. What about the cute black ones, are they not the same? I would love to have a cute black pup, which would grow into a huge faithful friend of mine one day.

2.   Black Victorian gown – Did I ever mention I love the Victorian era dresses and architecture? Oh how I would love to attend a Gothic Victorian themed wedding in a black evening gown! Victorian era itself stands for power and wisdom and with that if we have black adding to its glory, it will speak of elegance and power as well! Why shy out, be bold and beautiful with black always.

3.   Black Robes, Quills and Wand – Didn’t you guys get the reference here! HARRY POTTER it is. I can never let go of my Potterhead alter ego. If only I could go to Hogwarts for my education, roam around in those black robes, sit in the dimly lit room and write my poems in an old parchment with a black quill and black ink. Yes I want all of that; if not Hogwarts atleast the rest of the black wish list items for the make believe dream of this Potterhead.

4.   Black Boards – Since I went into education from my book world this is another thing I want! Yes Black, not green not white not even plasma TV but black boards! Remember when we were kids, and we played with chalks, stole chalks from school and pretended to use them on anything black at home and be teachers ourselves. I believe it was the black making the colours draw our attention and not the dusty chalks. The same doesn’t happen with green boards or white boards. When I was in 10th our school decided to get plasma TV and presentation format for kids instead of black boards and I totally hated it. My thought then was “Where will the monitors write quote of the day and lecture info”. Lame but it got me worried. I wish I could get a lot of black boards and slates for kids and let them have fun with education.

5.   Black Smudge Free Charcoal sticks – I love sketching as much as I love writing and my favourite tool Black Charcoal Sticks. But the ones we get in market smudge. So 
I wish, I wish, I had a lot of Sticks
       Of charcoal dark and black
              That draw my thoughts and dreams
                     But not let them fade or smudge
                           And be my words to world one day!

All things in black have their own appeal, and for me these have special places. What in this world makes you say “Does it come in black” or “WhatTheBlack”. Do Let me know!

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  1. I didn't know you are such a wonderful artist ... wow, u r really multi-talented :-)