The Proposal

Will you be my Valentine
Was the very song tuned in my mind
I would ask my dear girlfriend out
And profess my love with a true shout

Dipped in shinny glass of wine
Was my symbol of love - platinum, fine
But all the love fizzed out in a beat
When her cold no gobbled up my passion's heat

"Had you not been waiting for this day
When i would propose to you in your dreamy way"
She replied with a sly and wary smile
I thought a gangster just asked me to be his bride

I stared at her with blank puppy eyes
She stood stern, her decision like frozen eyes.
I asked her to give me a satisfying reason
She handed me a small gift pack, a token for her treason

I opened the red shimmering pack of misery
To find a sleek blue razor and my weird beard tapestry
And all of a sudden it all made sense
And i stood there, ashamed, with a promise of penance

She smiled like an angel, telling me of love
"Come shaved again my loving dove"
Ask my hand with my parents around
And I will be yours, forever love bound

I posed in my calm, elegant demeanour
But knew my clean shaven look bowled her over
And so did i get my love after all
And learnt you need to shave if you need your girl!

-Vaisakhi Mishra

Also I was tagged by  Saravana for the contest. 
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    1. Thanku...and will surely acknowledge your tag..:)

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