Sleuths to the Rescue

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The President is dead! She shot herself!! And there was just one other person present in the room when the President took her own life and left Nikita in a mess, with no witness of her innocence. Moreover she had been threatened and forced to go to the white house to assassinate the president! She is caught and somehow, with the help of the people who care for her she escapes. But now she is on the run, the people who love her have no idea where she is and the secret security services have launched one of the biggest manhunts ever.
OOO wait the real president is alive, she is in a cage, kidnapped by the people who forced Nikita to kill the President, and then who shot herself? Where exactly is the president? Why do these people want the president and have tainted Nikita’s name? And to clear her name, Nikita needs to find the Real President but how? So many questions left unanswered and the series season ended!!
Wondering what did I just write??? It’s the lament of a TVHolic when their favourite shows end on a cliffhanger and they have to endure months of crazy wait to find out what happens next. I have been going through the dilemma of figuring out how Sherlock survived in the end of last season of Sherlock, for two years now. And now to add to my woes my favourite show Nikita ended with another tormenting cliffhanger, and won’t be back for months. To help me survive the fanatical waiting period I I created my own imaginary WeChat group with the best sleuths of the world, wish the group could be real too, but big deal I have imagination to help me! And plus Detective of their calibre...I can Learn so much!!!
My group comprises of Sherlock Holmes, cause no matter what he is alive and ready to help always; Feluda, I am a big fan of his work and he is the best detective I could find in my own country, and wouldn’t he love a trip to USA for a case! Next is Inspector John Rebus, Ian Rankin fans would love him, coming out of his exile and helping my ‘Save Nikita’ team with his skills, wow. Another great asset to the team is Monsieur Hercule Poirot, the small man with a large brain! And lets not forget “L”. Deathnote fans would remember him for sure; because we were always torn between who should win Light or ‘L’, he came so close to the truth before Light back stabbed him!
OK for people who are lost and are unable to be a part of my group here is a brief intro of my world famous team and the reason as to why they are world famous.
Sherlock Holmes - He is legendary genius, funny, sarcastic, and the loudest thinker of the group. He screams all his thoughts and ideas during the chat. And book lovers or movie lovers, kids in school or TVHolics everyone knows his name and he is kinda proud of it too. He adds a hell lot of humor to our serious, stoic group.

Feluda – smart and simple, soft spoken and treats me like a kid! He is one of the sharpest listeners and thinkers of our group and I admire that quality of his! Also he is not from this era but learnt to use WeChat real quick, dont know if it was his brain or the ease of voice messages of WeChat but it worked and he is in the team 100%. Satyajit Ray did a good thing bringing him to limelight.

Inspector Rebus – His messages make me beam with smiles and make my heart flutter cause of the accent. The perfect Scottish gentleman, gives a chance to all to put forth their ideas before coming up with his own theories. Ian Rankin would be proud of his discovery.

Hercule Poirot – Agatha Christie reminded me of him and I successfully resurrected him from his grave. Old, smart, cunning and loves puzzles. He got used to WeChat real fast, even though he is not fond of our era gadgets, thanks to the voice message feature. He speaks so fast at times I have to play his messages 5 times to get the whole idea, but believe me his ideas are worth it.

L – Childlike smarta**.  Needs a chocolate for each time his ideas hit the target. But boy he solves cases brilliantly. He speaks the least in our group and I had to wake him too, from the dead world. I always wondered how he got close to Kira aka Light when no one could and now I know his tricks of the trade!

Here is a glimpse of what we have figured out so far:

Sherlock – Secret services are like the school kids trying to frame our lady on the run.
L- Ballistics has confirmed the close range self shot. Also they have found only 2 pairs of fingerprints.
Feluda – One belongs to our friend the other?
Poirot – Its untraceable, doesn’t exist and doesn’t match the President’s print…the realoneofcourse! (he said this really fast)
Rebus – Those dumbheads! Cremated the body before a post moterm! Ain’t something fishy in here?
L – The clone with no matching print and they are pinning the whole assassination on our girl, Wicked Curious!
Feluda – Didn’t our hacker friend get locations of quarters of people who blackmailed Nikita.
Rebus -  Aye, he did…L..
L – Hacked and downloaded the file already.
Sherlock – Ok people let’s get digging…She is in States and so is Nikita…we hit the centers we find either of them.
Poirot – But Nikita is on run and needs ammo, also has nearly no money..lets keep our arms dealer friend under surveillance shall we.
L – Done already. And for the 2 works done I need a bar of Mars before the new task.
Sherlock – That’s my boy, wish you had a Professor Lupin with you for your never ending Chocolate demands.
Feluda  - Lets rope in the rest of the Nikita team in the hunt cause the Secret services seem dirty to me. We have a mole on the inside even now. We need to be vigilant.
Rebus – I have a friend enrolled in the ranks of the services. We will be notified regularly.
Sherlock – This is funny madness, but I am loving it! People Join us and give us clues as to how do we close this case right….By people here I mean the others u wanna rope in Feluda.
Me – I will ask my other Nikitaverse people too through drift bottle…they might be of some help.
All – Aye Lady!

So people with more ideas let me know as soon as possible. My WeChat Great Sleuths team is all ears for advices and suggestions.

Pictures and Video taken from google and the chat story is no where related to the actual story of Nikita..:)

P.S.- My entry for the WeChat contest organized by IndiBlogger. For more info visit WeChat's Youtube channel.


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