Monday, May 27, 2013

One Two Buckle My Shoe

One, two,
Buckle my shoe;
Three, four,
Open the door;
Five, six,
Pickup sticks;
Seven, eight,
Lay them straight:
Nine, ten,
A big, fat hen

This used to be one of the first poems our parents taught us when we were kids. As we grew up we, especially today’s generation, got a new version of the same poem, the one with warnings.

One Two
Come Straight home mom had said but for the first time ever Baloo was crossing the abandoned haveli after the seventh hour of the day. Temptation held his hand, took him through cobwebs’ curtains into the stale beauty.“Baloo!” he heard someone, shouted to reply. All he heard was whisper of air. His voice - Gone.

Three Four
‘I have to close the backdoor, remind me later bro’, Charlene said. Parents were out of town. Forgetful, both of them, watched TV and slept as night peaked until a devilish laugh was heard  They rushed down to find their cat dead. Limbs and blood - a trail to the open backdoor, to a Bloodied joker-box.

Five Six
‘I’m faster.’ ‘No I am’ the two joyful lads whistled as they rode their bikes against the air. Merriment played a truant and they didn’t see the round marbles spread ahead. One fell and the other tumbled over. Arms broken, forced to hear Humpty Dumpty recited by the girl they had crush on. Hearts crushed.

Seven Eight
White walls of a strong fort. The guards in blue and red marching the length. Oblivious to the lurking darkness. The time has come. The devils crawl in and fight. The war is lost, fort has fallen, holes drilled and walls cracked. Kitty wakes up with a shriek. She forgot to brush her teeth tonight.

Nine Ten
Swimming in the Pacific she saw the ring of fire. Asia is the largest continent, its spread she just admired. She saw the Ayers Rock with the Aborigines and played with Mayans in Peru. “Time’s up, stop writing”, she woke up with a startle. Written just one question, why didn’t I sleep at ten!

Thus we have the new poem
                                                   One, two                                                                                                
            Come straight to home
            Three, four
            Close the door
            Five, six
            No bicycle race
            Seven, eight
            Brush your teeth every night
            Nine, ten
            Sleep at ten

Even after we leave our teenage behind the poem doesn’t abandon us, it haunts us with new lyrics and new sets of warnings.

One Two
“Darling what do you want me to get for you from the mall.”
“You driving now? Keep the phone and get some vegetables, we are running low on them.”
“Don’t worry; you do know I’m awesome, and best at talking and driving right?”
He didn’t get the vegetables, nor did he talk ever.

Three Four
1, 2, 3 pegs down, Arvind drank because he needed courage to ask her out. He would do it today, now. He went over. Ly..le..lia..lim..Laika. Arjun held him before he fell. “Laika I will be dropping him home would you like to come too?” He slept while Arjun and Laika stared lovingly at each other.

Five Six
Pyre purified his soul. But the fire wondered where had his lungs gone? It searched the whole body over and over again, while consuming the rest. But alas found only ashes of what it really desired, ashes it couldn’t burn again. It had consumed the lungs over a long period through its devilish weapon Cigarettes.

Seven Eight
Watching Grey’s Anatomy, relishing the love confessions of two doctors. Driving to a beautiful Bed and Breakfast, one asking the other to marry her, purity of love! Both staring at each other, one with love, the other with wonder. Bam! They hit a truck. I make a mental note, while driving look straight. Lesson learnt.

Nine Ten
'Spot fixing, Sreeshant caught, shame to the game'. News flooded the idiot box.Bookies played the dirty game. Denial and confession played along while more players of the dirty hole were caught. IPL ended Mumbai take the fame, tainted desire forced him into this hell. Wish I had understood life is not a game, Sreeshant sulked.

And so we have the poem for the youth.
                                                                                 One, two
            No driving and cell phone
            Three, four
            Don’t be the drinks troll
            Five, six
            Quit usage of cigs
            Seven, eight
            While driving look straight
            Nine, ten
            Life is not a game.

Ignoring warnings never plays out well. Pay heed to what people say, cause like we all know prevention is better than cure and warnings lead to prevention, who knows we might end up somewhere with no cure!

P.S. -  Written for the Colgate Moral of the story is contest organised by My Healthy Speak Blog and Indiblogger

Thursday, May 23, 2013


Warm days and chilly nights

I wait and wait alone

For lonely seekers of hope

To give not much, but company

-Vaisakhi Mishra

Friday, May 10, 2013


"When we are children we seldom think of the future. This innocence leaves us free to enjoy ourselves as few adults can. The day we fret about the future is the day we leave our childhood behind.” 

― Patrick Rothfuss

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Modern Healthcare and Life

‘How does modern Healthcare touch lives?’ the question instigates a lot of thoughts in my mind, but the eye of this thought storm is 1 day 11th March 2011. I went to KEM Hospital, Mumbai with a friend of mine who was an intern there. It was World Kidney Day and they had some kind of celebration and me always being interested in medical world Post my fascination with Grey’s Anatomy, I grabbed this chance of being an audience with both hands. The Doctors spoke a lot about renal diseases and adrenal disfunctionalities but I was jolted to my full senses when Mr. Amrit Sethy (name changed cause of personal reasons) was called to the dias. Sethy uncle had been our family friend since eternity I guess and that day I came to know he was a kidney transplant patient. He was called on the podium because he was the oldest and the most successful transplant patient of KEM and when he started telling his story I was jostled and pulled into some reality that I was oblivious to. He got his kidney in 1983 and has been healthy and strong so far. It has been 30 years and he lives his life to the fullest. He said he had to come for follow ups every 3 weeks in the first few years.
The anti rejection med rates were sky high and needed to be imported from USA but later with the advancements in technology and its influence in healthcare he had a life that was free of his monthly hospital dates within a few years his meds were available in India and the rates were affordable.  He had no issues till 2 years ago when suddenly his renal functionality started to diminish. I could not believe what I heard, we did meet often as usual 2 years back and I never saw any change in the spirit of that man, how was that possible? But in his very next statement he burst that bubble of doubt. He said a new medicine available in the market just a few months ago saved his life. Mycept, the God sent drug, stopped the shrinking of the kidneys that had started affecting his health, and now even though he has to kiss the pill regularly he is back to his full health.
After I came back to home I researched every page on google with information related to renal failure. The average life span of a kidney transplant patient is 20 years but with the advent of Modern healthcare there have been cases of people living for 40 years and more too. Scared and proud at the same time at Sethy uncle's feat. Also it is anticipated that people with organ transplants in recent past might have a survival span of 50 years or more.
  • Bill Thompson is the longest-surviving American kidney recipient from an unrelated donor, having received his kidney in 1966 at age 15; it has survived over 40 years.
  • Denice Lombard of Washington, D.C., received her father's kidney on August 30, 1967, at age 13 and is still alive and healthy 45 years, 9 months later as of 5-5-13. Her father will turn 85 in October and is still healthy and active.
  • John Dan of Nairobi, Kenya, was the known longest-surviving kidney recipient in East Africa. He received a kidney from his brother in 1984 and lived for 27 years.
  • Chakravarthy from Chennai, India, received kidney from his brother on 2 May 1983 at the age of 29, is still alive and healthy 27 years later.
  • Annemarie Grosskopf of Johannesburg, South Africa, received a kidney from a deceased donor in 1981 at the age of 21, and is alive and healthy 31 years later.

 (Source Wikipedia)

These facts made me proud of being born in the era where modern healthcare rekindles hope in the hearts of so many people, who if were in some other period would have nothing but a deathbed waiting for them. Contemplating the fact that earlier people died of tuberculosis, malaria and were crippled for the whole life due to polio and small pox is tormenting enough, and the thought of losing a whole organ was a living nightmare. But modern healthcare is an antidote to all these frightening situations. It has been successful in eradicating so many dreadful diseases in so many regions. We now have treatment plans for cancer and SARS that have proven triumphant over the years.  Also the risks of so many surgical procedures have been reduced post the use of laser surgeries. Mortality rate of infants and new mothers have diminished drastically in over the years. the more I searched on the current Medical developments the more I believed in the power of Modern Healthcare.
Now everytime I meet Sethy uncle I have a huge beaming smile on my face and a sense of assurance and contentment in my heart, for I know modern healthcare would take care of my supper friendly, ever bubbly uncle for many years to come.  No matter how much people say Modern health has touched our pockets more, I know for sure it touches lives more deeply to even bother about the pockets.

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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Freckle of Light

A crack a slit in everything around

And freckles of hope shine bright

For a man's life in always dream bound

But dreams he can't chase without the trail of light

Vaisakhi Mishra

Friday, May 3, 2013

Chotu Me...

@Jal Mandir, Pawapuri, Bihar {1994, clicked by my father}
(I clicked the photo of the non digital photo with my digi-cam )

As kids, holidays and new places always excited us and in my case the excitement was first felt when I was 3 years old (hence not sure about the school part) and my parents and I went to my cousin’s place in Barauni, Bihar.

Bihar - proud of its heritage, has a rich historical background. Obviously back then I had no clue of any of this but my Mom - M.A. in history, spared no minute before telling me stories of places we saw. Maybe that trip made me love historical places.

The day we went to Pawapuri was one of the best days of my visit. I still remember early in the day we went to Shanti Stupa in Rajgir on a rope way *single seat, super scary*. To distract me mom told me that it was a time travelling aeroplane that would help me meet Buddha and Mahavir Jain that day.*silly but I loved the thought*. We met Buddha on our way up and Mom said Mahavir Jain was waiting for me down in a white bungalow near a pond of sea green water full of fish. When we reached the Jal Mahal of Pawapuri I could see silver, golden and red fishes down on the two sides of the bridge even from the height and imagined princess Ariel was a disciple of Mahavir Jain. I still haven’t forgotten that sight and tell Maa one day I will go back there and click the photos of every fish you didn’t get a photo of that day. Hence this photo is the most prized photo of “chotu me”. Plus I am very sure my brother asked me to bend in the photo because I was taller than him!!! Anyhow that’s when my ‘photolove’ began – at the age of 3.

@Rajgir, Bihar {1994}
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